The 7 Best DHEA Supplements for Men and Women


When looking to restore the vim and vigor of your former years, DHEA just may become your new best friend for its wide-ranging benefits for both men and women.

The body produces its own dehydroepiandrosterone in the adrenal glands, but from the late 20s and on, DHEA levels decline steadily. Less commonly, there are also non-age-related cases of adrenal insufficiency that can cause a DHEA deficiency.

Since this hormone produced naturally by the body plays a critical role in producing and regulating male and female sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone levels), a DHEA deficiency can affect body fat loss, energy levels, libido, heart health, bone disease, and more. 

To provide you with the best DHEA supplements and brands out there for both men and women, we’ve created a list of our top seven picks.

To start things off, a quick shoutout to Horbaach, which takes the top spot with a GMP-compliant, third-party-tested DHEA supplement.

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Best Overall
Lifeforce DHEA
Best DHEA-Only
Horbaach DHEA
Best Value
NatureBell DHEA
Key PointsCapsule form; 3mg DHEA and 15mg 7-Keto DHEA per serving; pregnenolone may support cognitive benefits (memory and learning); no harmful additivesCapsule form; 50mg DHEA per serving; no harmful additives; no additional (active) ingredients; GMP-certified and third-party testedCapsule form; 100 mg oral DHEA per capsule; micronized formulation enhances absorption in the body; third-party tested; no other active ingredients
Price$55 ($1.83/serving)
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$9.99 ($0.13/serving)
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$21.96 ($0.09/serving)
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Best for: Those looking for a well-rounded DHEA supplement that incorporates research-supported enhancers for a broader range of potential benefits.

Though more research is needed to further elucidate the benefits, 7-keto-DHEA is already showing potential as a weight loss agent. 

The other less commonly found ingredient in Lifeforce DHEA, pregnenolone, has (along with its “metabolic derivatives”) been “shown to have beneficial effects in the brain, including enhancing memory and learning, reversing depressive disorders, and modulating cognitive functions,” according to this National Institute of Animal Biotechnology study.

So, while the DHEA itself slides way under the bar in terms of average concentration, this slightly avant-garde formulation promises a still-potent range of benefits.

The 3-capsule serving isn’t ideal (however, users can take anywhere from 1-3 capsules daily, according to the label), and the price is definitely higher than average (although the monthly subscription knocks off a generous $20), Lifeforce DHEA is our top overall pick for DHEA shoppers looking for a brain boost and more.

Best for: Anyone looking for a clean and affordably priced DHEA supplement made to high standards of manufacturing and testing.

Horbaach DHEA exemplifies how any particular one-ingredient dietary supplement can stand out in a favorable light from its seemingly identical competitors: the “label-deep” factors.

For example, Horbaach DHEA is a GMP-certified product, meaning Horbaach adheres to a stringent set of regulations established by the Food and Drug Administration, involving manufacturing standards, sanitation, equipment maintenance, and much more.

Another highly sought-after differentiator in the case of Horbaach DHEA is the third-party testing. Given the vast selection of DHEA (and other) supplements made available to consumers with just a click or two, third-party testing is an excellent way to shortlist the most high-quality options.

While we don’t love taking two capsules over one, the potency (50mg per serving) and competitive price point add to the appeal of Horbaach DHEA, making it our top DHEA supplement pick overall.

Best for: Those looking for a highly potent, affordable DHEA supplement for powerful results.

Made in the USA and tested by a third-party lab for quality and safety, NatureBell gets our vote for the best dhea supplement for value hunters that still doesn’t skimp on quality.

Really, we could add another superlative—most potent—because a single capsule provides 100 mg of DHEA, and moreover, the micronized delivery system allows this supplement to absorb more easily.

While there are no added botanicals or other ingredients to enhance the effectiveness, there are also no harmful additives to worry about in this DHEA supplement.

We recommend NatureBell DHEA for males and females looking to improve metabolism, energy level, brain health, and much more with DHEA supplementation.

Best for: Vegetarians and vegans looking for a reliable, high-quality source of DHEA.

It may not be as obvious to the layperson that your DHEA supplement, like many hormones, is typically derived from animal sources. 

Thankfully, Futurebiotics DHEA is 100% vegetarian.

It’s going to cost you a bit more per serving, but with Futurebiotics vegetarian DHEA, you can still get an almost 3-month supply for under $20.

Each capsule provides 50 milligrams of DHEA with zero additives or other ingredients of any kind (outside of the capsule ingredients).
We recommend Futurebiotics DHEA for any vegetarian or vegan looking for a clean and 100% plant-derived source of DHEA.

Like most other DHEA pills, Natrol DHEA contains no added enhancers or additives, but as a vegetarian option, it opens the door for a second often-skipped-over demographic (low-dosers and vegetarians). 

The smaller container especially (90-count) is a bit on the pricey side, as we’ve come to expect with vegetarian DHEA, but bulk buyers can go for the 300-count container for a considerable per-serving discount.

Known also for their sleep supplements, we consider Natrol to be one of the best DHEA brands today, and recommend them to anyone looking for reliable 25 mg DHEA supplements that are vegetarian-friendly. 

Best for: Men in their 40s and beyond looking for a comprehensive boost in vitality and energy, including metabolism, sex drive, athletic performance, and more. 

Loaded with powerful herbal compounds alongside zinc, selenium, and more, Hi-Health Priam Male Performance is definitely our top pick when it comes to DHEA supplementation for men.

Included in the proprietary blend are maca root, ginkgo biloba leaf, epimedium (horny goat weed), cayenne pepper, American ginseng, Korean ginseng root, and velvet bean extract.

Combined with L-arginine HCl, a powerful circulation enhancer, these ingredients can increase muscle mass, strength, energy, libido, focus, cognitive function, and more.

As for the DHEA content, each serving—4 capsules, by the way—contains 25 milligrams to increase testosterone levels naturally for improved benefits.
If you’re a man looking for DHEA with extra oomph, but with safe and natural ingredients, Hi-Health Priam Male Performance takes our top recommendation.

Best for: Women over 40 who need a dietary supplement to improve fertility and/or overall reproductive health.

Formulated in partnership with fertility specialists and third-party tested for safety and purity, Fertinatal Micronized DHEA is one of the most well-established DHEA supplements for female reproductive health on the market. 

This product was developed with the help of the Center for Human Reproduction, a leader in female reproductive health.

Each tablet provides 25 milligrams of DHEA alongside 60 milligrams of calcium, and is manufactured at a GMP-compliant facility.

We also appreciate how the DHEA is micronized, allowing for easier absorption, and completely vegan.

Fertinatal Micronized DHEA definitely takes our pick for the best DHEA supplement for fertility as well as general reproductive health.

Best for: Anyone looking for an affordable, simple, and third-party tested DHEA supplement that will last six months or more on one purchase.

Especially if you’ve already committed to taking DHEA  supplements on a regular basis, Double Wood makes it easy and affordable with their 100 mg DHEA capsules.

Each product batch is manufactured and third-party tested in the US for safety and potency.

There are no harmful additives or preservatives, but on the flip side, no botanicals or other enhancers either.

Overall, if you’re looking for trustworthy DHEA supplements that will promote healthy aging and last a long time, Double Wood DHEA is our bulk buy of choice.


What form of DHEA is the best?

In terms of absorption, micronized DHEA supplements like NatureBell DHEA are considerably more potent than most non-micronized DHEA pills. Third-party testing and GMP certifications are also key indicators of a quality DHEA product.

Still, it’s difficult to pinpoint the best DHEA supplement for any given person or situation, as the answer can vary based on your recommended DHEA dosage level, gender, health needs, and more.

What is the downside of DHEA?

DHEA side effects are typically mild and uncommon, but as a product that can affect the body’s hormones (estrogen levels, testosterone, etc.), a DHEA supplement can cause acne, oily skin, hair loss, unwanted hair growth in women, high blood pressure, changes in cholesterol, and exacerbation of mood disorders. 

Another downside of DHEA supplements from a more practical perspective is the lack of DHEA vitamins. Not all DHEA supplements are one-ingredient formulations, but most DHEA supplements not contain many (if any) vitamins or other micronutrients.

How much DHEA should I take a day?

It’s recommended that you consult with your doctor to test your levels of DHEA, which will help identify an appropriate DHEA dosage range for your situation. To provide a ballpark range, most people use between 25-100 milligrams of DHEA per day to reach peak DHEA levels for healthy aging and other purposes. It’s important to remember that DHEA levels peak before the age of 30 and decline from there. 

As usual, high doses are not recommended for beginners. The reason you intend to take it (promote lean muscle mass, increase insulin sensitivity, address vaginal dryness or other menopausal symptoms, etc.), may also affect your recommended dosage.

What is the best absorption of DHEA?

In supplement form, DHEA is typically well absorbed when taken orally, and as mentioned, a micronized DHEA supplement can further enhance absorption. Some people may note better absorption when taking DHEA within 30-60 minutes prior to a meal.

How do I know if I need a DHEA supplement?

While you may notice symptoms like fatigue, decreased libido, loss of muscle strength and mass, and more, these symptoms can indicate many other issues as well. This is one reason why we highly recommend taking a blood test with a doctor to specifically evaluate DHEA levels, which may result from adrenal insufficiency as well as age. A formal evaluation will determine whether or not you could benefit from taking DHEA supplements.

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