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Powdered superfood drink mix masters Your Super earn an A- in our review for top quality, transparency, and value standards.

Our Rating:


» Rating Methodology


Our Rating Methodology

We determined this rating by evaluating the following factors:

  • Quality: A-
  • Transparency: A+
  • Website Experience: A+
  • Customer Service: B
  • Value: A
  • Brand Value: A
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Welcome to our Your Super review!

While there’s certainly no shortage of superfood and/or plant-based nutrition products on the market today, our initial meeting with the Your Super team at Natural Health Products Expo West 2022 intrigued us on a number of levels.

First, where other superfood powder brands stand behind one or two “catch-all” products marketed to help with just about every health and wellness concern, Your Super has formulated a collection of more highly targeted products addressing hormonal regulation, digestive health, and more.

We also took note of the clean ingredient lists, featuring mostly organic ingredients, a ton of vitamins and minerals, and little to no additives (you’d be surprised what hides behind the “superfood” label sometimes).

For these reasons and more, we knew we had to commit to a deeper dive into Your Super, including product sampling, meeting with the team, and more.

Taking into account the ingredient quality, customer experience, and brand value, to name a few key factors, we gave Your Super an overall rating of A- in our comprehensive Your Super review.

Energy Bomb Mix
  • Description

    This naturally caffeinated (with guarana) superfood mix also uses maca to provide a clean energy boost, sans the sugar and artificial additives.

  • Ingredients

    Acai* (Brazil), Guarana* (Brazil), Maca* (Peru), Lucuma* (Peru) and Banana* (Ecuador) Powder. *= Organic Certified

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • High quality ingredients
  • Scientifically backed, gluten-free formulations
  • Model company for transparency
  • Strong refund and shipping policies (free shipping at $75+)
  • Cons
  • Product almost completely separates within minutes
  • Phone service listed, but unavailable

Born In a Survivor Story: How Your Super Began

After professional tennis player Michael Kuech was diagnosed with cancer in 2013, fellow tennis pro and girlfriend Kristel de Groot innovated a superfood powder loaded with chia seeds, spirulina, and more to facilitate his recovery.

Michael soldiered through chemo, stuck to his greens, and came out the victor, a triumph that inspired the pair to create Your Super as a way of sharing their success with the world.

Your Super officially launched in Europe in 2014, but in 2017, co-founders Michael and Kristel decided to move to the US after realizing just how committed their following was in America, where online shoppers were happily waiting weeks and paying heavy shipping costs to get their hands on Your Super products.

Especially after the move, Your Super continued to grow at an explosive rate, recently achieving a retail distribution deal with Target and looking for more all the time, Kristel told us.

Today, Your Super customers can choose between about a dozen superfood mixes targeting gut health, skin and hair health, hormone balancing, protein supplementation, and more.

your super booth expo west 2022

Our Your Super Review

Our rating scale incorporates the following universal criteria that we use to provide clear and comprehensive reviews of each brand (provided with Your Super’s grades):

  • Quality (A-)
  • Transparency (A+)
  • Website Experience (A+)
  • Customer Service (B)
  • Value (A)
  • Brand Value (A-)

Your Super gave a fairly well-rounded performance across the board, excelling most of all in their pro-consumer transparency standards and superior ingredient quality.

Noted areas of improvement include addressing the out-of-service phone line (see customer service) and working on the solubility of their products.

As always, we’ll start our breakdown of this comprehensive Your Super review with the all-important matter of quality.



Grade: A-

Clean, high-quality ingredients and top-tier sourcing standards help Your Super climb into the upper echelon for quality.

Beyond the front-end aspects of end product quality (taste, ingredients, effectiveness, etc.), we also assess each brand’s sourcing and manufacturing methods, formulation rationale, and more, as these less customer-facing elements are key to keeping the quality level consistent.

Your Super uses very high-quality ingredients, including certified organic fruits and vegetables, probiotics, vitamins and minerals, and a wealth of anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and antioxidant ingredients with no artificial sweeteners or harsh additives.

For example, here is the ingredient list for their pomegranate-flavored Forever Beautiful gluten-free superfood powder, which is meant for skin health:

  • Organic Chia seed
  • Organic Acai
  • Organic Maqui
  • Organic Acerola
  • Organic Pomegranate
  • Organic Wild Blueberry

Each of these ingredients, as with all of Your Super’s other products, are sourced from “small farmers” and batch-tested by third-party labs for quality and safety.

your super expo west 2022

Site browsers can see a breakdown of each ingredient’s country of origin (Chia Seeds from Paraguay, Acai from Brazil, etc.), a feature denoting an industry-leading level of transparency that we will highlight more in the next section.

Finally, the only deduction we made to quality in our Your Super review was due to the issue of the product separating almost completely from the water less than five minutes after being mixed in.

Before moving onto the transparency factor, here’s a closer look at the Your Super product catalog.

All Your Super Products

With the exception of two accessories—a stainless steel bottle and latte frother—Your Super exclusively sells (11) superfood powders.

Taking the entire catalog into account, purported health benefits include gut health, skin/hair/nails health, muscle-building protein and plant-based collagen, and more to be detailed below.

Here are four of the most popular Your Super gluten-free drink mixes:

Gut Restore Mix
  • Description

    This drink mix combines probiotics with fermented ginger and real fruit to aid digestion and support your stomach’s benevolent bacteria.

  • Ingredients

    Mango*, Carrot*, Pineapple*, Fermented Ginger*, Probiotics (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacerium lactis, Lactobacillus plantarum). *Organic Certified

Forever Beautiful Mix
  • In addition to supporting healthy skin and nails with 100% of the vitamin C RDA per serving, Forever Beautiful uses strong antioxidants and adaptogens for a much larger range of potential benefits.

  • Ingredients: Chia seed*, Acai*, Maqui*, Acerola*, Pomegranate*, and Wild Blueberry*. *Organic

Super Green Mix
  • Delivering a nutritionally kaleidoscopic super blend of organic ingredients that, to be honest, we would rarely eat otherwise, Super Green is the one-size-fits-all health drink,

  • Ingredients: Wheatgrass* (USA), Barley Grass* (USA), Moringa* (India), Baobab* (Ghana), Spirulina* (Chile) and Chlorella* (Portugal) Powder. *=Organic Certified

Moon Balance Mix
  • Harnessing Ayurvedic herbs to aid in hormonal balancing, Moon Balance provides gentle, but effective PMS relief among other benefits.

  • Ingredients: Baobab* (Ghana), Maca* (Peru), Hibiscus* (Egypt), Amla Berry* (India), Beetroot* (Canada), Shatavari* (India). *= Organic certified

And for the rest of the Your Super catalog:



Grade: A+

Your Super is easily one of the most transparent companies we’ve reviewed to date, sharing their entire supply chain structure and even reporting the country of origin for each ingredient.

If you can’t easily access information regarding how a product is made, what’s in it, or even who makes it, you’re likely not going to buy the product.

We don’t demand dissertation-level breakdowns of every menial point, but to earn an A+ for transparency in this Your Super review, they have to at least have the following points clearly and comprehensively covered:

  • Product information 
  • Company background
  • Manufacturing and/or supply chain transparency
  • Policies (shipping, returns, etc.)
  • Transparency with our team 

Your Super makes an excellent showing here, with a personalized and comprehensive Our Story page, clearly delineated shipping and return policies, and as mentioned, itemized reporting of each ingredient’s country of origin on product pages.

We want to call special attention to their Ingredients page, which provides a step-by-step explanation of their entire supply chain, pictures of ingredients, and pictures/descriptions of some of their suppliers.

Kristel was also very forthcoming in our interview, readily providing deep-level insights to all of our questions.

It’s a resounding A+ for transparency, and from now on, Your Super is our model for scoring this category. 

Website Experience


Grade: A+

It’s as easy to uncover beginner-friendly and deeper insights into the science behind Your Super’s products as it is to browse and purchase them, and the non-distracting design fits the experience perfectly.

Brands receive credit here for how much beginner-friendly information they provide on their site, how easy it is to browse, learn about, and purchase products, and how well the site runs on mobile devices.

On the information front, Your Super keeps up an amply populated blog covering more than just recipes and cooking tips, and they also have a page featuring a clinical trial of their detox bundle that explains the supporting science of these products.

While we don’t weigh the design factor too heavily (more of a pass/fail), the site is both non-distracting and aesthetically pleasing, and it displays without any bugs or formatting issues on both mobile and desktop devices.

your super homepage

The ecommerce experience is equally smooth, aided greatly by a subcategory menu that appears when you hover over the “shop” page.

your super menu

Browsing and purchasing products was seamless, with no aggressive pop-ups or immersion-breaking kinks in the process to give us pause, and thanks to the depth and quality of the information on product pages, we didn’t have to click away once to learn more about any given product. 

your super brew mix page

With no room for deductions whatsoever, it’s another A+ here.

Customer Service


Grade: B

Your Super customer service promptly and professionally answered all our questions, but for advertising a phone line that was out of commission, they lost a letter grade.

We award brands credit both for the number of customer support services they offer (phone, email, chat, etc.) as well as the responsiveness and accommodation level of these services—shipping and return policies are included here as well. 

Your Super offers phone and email support services, but unfortunately, the phone line is unavailable.

Less than one full business day after our email inquiry—we sent a question on Friday and heard back Sunday morning—we received an in-depth and accommodating response

Between the reasonably flexible 30-day refund policy, various shipping options, and inexpensive shipping cost (not to mention the free shipping for orders of $75 or more), we found no room for deduction in shipping and return policies.

Save for the phone line issue, which resulted in a full letter grade deduction, our customer service experience during the Your Super review process was befitting of a pro-consumer company. 



Grade: A

Especially when considering the subscription savings, pricing a month’s worth of high-quality superfoods at as low as $29.99 before the discount (plus free shipping for subscribers as well) is definitely competitive.

Because a product’s value is heavily influenced by subjective factors, and because the objective markers we do have (ingredient quality, product certifications, etc.) are never the same across two brands, we stay away from apples-to-oranges price comparisons across brands.

That said, there are lines in the sand that the vast majority of consumers won’t cross, and we can at least say on more of a pass/fail basis that Your Super products do not cross that line.

All of their drink mixes are priced between $29.99 and $34.99, providing either 30 or 40 servings.

Considering the industry-leading ingredient quality, specialized formulations, and attached reputation, we have to award an A for any product/brand of this caliber that stays under the $50/month range, let alone sneaking in under $40/month.

Further strengthening the case for an A for value in this Your Super review is the fact that 40 or even 30 servings will last many consumers more than a month, and that the subscription program confers regular discounts.

How Does A Your Super Subscription Work?

As long as the program provides a steady discount and allows for anytime cancellation—both of which Your Super’s program does—it’s worth it, but just how worth it requires a closer look at the specs.

Your Super provides two subscription levels: the Standard Subscription and the Build Your Own Bundle offer.

The first option provides 15% off all subscription orders, free standard shipping, and early/exclusive access to products.

The Build Your Own Bundle offer provides all of these health benefits, but with a 25% discount and the ability to choose three gluten-free mixes or more for your standing order instead of one.

your super products

Whether you’re still testing the waters or if you simply don’t need a lot of product, we appreciate the low-pressure savings of the standard subscription, which will allow you to sneak away with a month’s worth of a superfood powder for as low as $25.49 (and remember, free shipping) while still allowing you to cancel at anytime.

If you’re hesitant to go for the higher discount tier of the Build Your Own Bundle program because you aren’t sure you can consume three or more mixes in a month, Your Super allows you to set your recurring order for 8 or 12 weeks as well.

Overall, this program has everything we want to see from a subscription plan with great flexibility and some solid perks to boot.

Your Super On Amazon

Amazon sells both individual mixes like Moon Balance and Your Super bundles like the Immunity Superfood Bundle, most of which are eligible for prime shipping.

At the time of our search, the vast majority of top listings on Amazon for Your Super products match the retail price on the Your Super website.

The products bear Amazon’s “climate pledge friendly” seal, which denotes a high level of sustainability applying to how the product is made, stored, and shipped. 

Brand Value


Grade: A-

Your Super has played an integral part in the explosive growth of powdered superfood supplements, and their work with Action Against Hunger as well as their B Corp certification further ramps up their brand value.

This broader category seeks to capture and award credit for the total impact of the reviewed brand on their industry and any communities outside of it.

Included in this assessment are the brand’s industry-disrupting innovations, philanthropic efforts, sustainability standards, and any other attributes or achievements that improve the state of the industry.

As a B Corp certified company, Your Super is beholden to higher standards of ethical, social, and environmental accountability, including how they treat their own staff.

As a B Corp certified company, Your Super is beholden to higher standards of ethical, social, and environmental accountability, including how they treat their own staff.

Their direct, transparent sourcing methodologies speak to this commitment, as does their work with Action Against Hunger, a group they’ve partnered with to donate a food bar to the hungry for every Your Super product purchase.  

Several members of the Your Super team have degrees in health science or nutritional and herbal medicine, and Kristel’s certification as a plant-based health coach also bodes well for their institutional knowledge.

While they’re certainly not the first company to sell superfood powders, we still award Your Super some credit for their rare combination of specialized formulations.

Finally, the fact that they are simply selling the “good stuff,” i.e., all-organic or mostly organic recipes with no harsh additives, artificial sweeteners, and tons of vitamins and minerals, deserves a double feature in both quality and brand value for the resulting impact on the state of public nutrition.

Our Experience With Your Super

We sampled the gluten-free Gut Restore mix, a superfood powder fortified with 3 strains of probiotic bacteria, ginger, and real fruit aimed at balancing your intestinal microbiome for improved digestion and many other potential health benefits.

Of course, given the nature of the product, we didn’t expect dramatically noticeable results within days or even weeks.

What we did focus on—flavor, solubility, and the rest of the user experience—produced a varied set of results.

Our review team agreed unanimously that the taste is finenot breaking any records, but the taste was above average considering the nutrient-dense delivery.

However, as mentioned, the product separated within just 2-3 minutes of being mixed into the water.

While this is not a rare or a red flag issue by any means, the extent to which the product separated (almost fully) in such a small window of time stood out from most other instances. 

Otherwise, we noticed no digestive distress or negative effects of any kind.

FAQs About Your Super

Who Owns Your Super?

Michael Kuech and Kristel De Groot are the owners and co-founders of Your Super. 

Does Your Super Expire?

When properly stored in an area out of direct sunlight, heat, or moisture, Your Super mixes have a shelf life of between two months to one year. 

Do Your Super Products Have Caffeine?

Energy Bomb is the only Your Super product that contains caffeine (guarana).

Do I Need A Blender For Your Super Products?

You can use a blender, but Your Super products also mix into water or foods with a spoon or a hand blender. 

Are Your Super Mixes Certified Organic?

Yes, Your Super Mixes are certified organic. 

Final Thoughts

Your Super creates and follows industry-leading standards in ingredient sourcing and quality, transparency, value, and sustainability.

You can trust what’s in their products, and thanks to their formulation know-how, you can leverage the power of their plant-based products for more than general health purposes.

Including the customer service and product separation issues, no single factor raised red flags throughout our assessment, as indicated in their overall grade of A- for this Your Super review.

We happily recommend Your Super products for anyone looking for simple, nutrient-dense solutions for elevating their nutritional well-being.

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