Dr. Jenny Hughes, MD


Dr. Jenny Hughes is an American Academy of Pediatrics Board Certified physician. She completed medical school as an Osteopathic physician at Weston Pacific in Pomona, California. She completed a total of 5 years residency in pediatrics at UCSF Fresno and St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, and most recently worked in Ventura, California.

Dr. Hughes is dedicated to being an easily approachable physician, with the ability to balance keeping an open mind and a deep interest in staying abreast of updated research. Her focus is to create a relationship involving both her patients and their family to communicate a clear and balanced picture of new research to help translate scientific information.

Dr. Jenny Hughes, MD accomplishments:

Twice Voted Ventura County Best Pediatrician

3 Times Voted Best Pediatrician by Seaview for Ventura County