Perfect Keto Review: The Best Way to Go Keto?

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Perfect Keto and their carb-conscious product selection earn an overall grade of A- for high-quality ingredients, testing and manufacturing standards, taste, and more.

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Our Rating:


» Rating Methodology


Our Rating Methodology

We determined this rating by evaluating the following factors:

  • Quality: A
  • Transparency: A-
  • Website Experience: A+
  • Customer Service: A-
  • Value: A-
  • Brand Value: B+
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Welcome to our Perfect Keto review!

Parked among the sea of vendors at Natural Health Products Expo West 2022, we found a group of self-described agitators looking to change the keto game.

Perfect Keto is blowing the whistle on keto brands and the American food system at large, citing poor practices and deceptively glucose-spiking foods (like these) as the main culprits.

But Perfect Keto isn’t just here to point fingers; their booth sported a variety of keto-friendly snacks and foods, from brownies to mac and cheese and more.

“We’re super strict on the ingredients .. we’ve got a full line of super low carb, high protein products all for a keto lifestyle,” said Perfect Keto Chairman of the Board David Hauser when meeting with us at the booth.

If you’re feeling jaded and exasperated from the “invest in a new keto product and see it discredited a week later” cycle, there’s still hope, we found, in brands like Perfect Keto.

Here’s how Perfect Keto earned their overall grade of A- in our comprehensive review, including conversations with onboard nutrition science researcher Chris Irvin and plenty of product sampling.

Perfect Keto Nut Butter
  • This was our review team’s favorite for its rich flavor and versatility.

  • We spread it on just about everything, and were neither too proud to dip.

  • This keto-friendly nut butter contains only 3g of net carbs and zero added sugars.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • Superior taste and quality for keto dieters
  • Thorough ingredient and product testing/research
  • Naturally derived sweeteners
  • Flexible subscription
  • Cons
  • Less supply chain transparency
  • Email-only customer support

The Perfect Keto Origin Story

“Perfect Keto was amazing compared to what [founder Dr. Anthony Gustin] was originally testing.”

Chris Irvin, Host of Keto Answers by Perfect Keto

Of all places, Perfect Keto started in a chiropractor’s office—or at least in the mind of Dr. Anthony Gustin, who owned a chiropractor’s office when he began exploring the merits of exogenous (not created by the body) ketones circa 2016.

Though keto was already a thing at this time—as it’s been used for decades to manage epilepsy symptoms—it had yet to hit the mainstream and explode into popularity as a weight-loss diet.

Still, seeing the steadily climbing interest on the topic in nutrition research, Dr. Gustin went to work creating exogenous ketone products.

“Perfect Keto was amazing compared to what he was originally testing,” Chris Irvin told us, expressing in pointed words that the keto products of the day were not up to snuff.

Add the tested business acumen of Kettle and Fire founder Jusin Mares, who joined Dr. Gustin early on, and you’ve got a perfectly timed entry into the budding keto market. 

Together, Mares and Dr. Gustin “listened to their audience and figured out what other products would compliment the exogenous ketones,” per Chris, gradually rolling out a selection of MCT oil, keto supplements, and eventually, low-carb keto foods like their Nola Bars. 

Presently, the Perfect Keto team is expanding their selection to include keto-friendly mac and cheese, cookies, and more.

Our Perfect Keto Review

Every brand we review is assessed according to this set of universal factors (Perfect Keto’s subscores included):

  • Quality (A)
  • Transparency (A-)
  • Website Experience (A+)
  • Customer Service (A-)
  • Value (A-)
  • Brand Value (B+)

Giving each brand a fair shake at demonstrating their value in each of these categories requires covering a broad set of subfactors and/or using our discretion to modify these factors based on the brand, product(s), and situation.

As for Perfect Keto, who earned an overall rating of A-, we found that their well-above-average product quality is backed by a solid website, customer service department, cost-saving subscription program, and more.

Let’s start the official breakdown of the brand with quality. 



Grade: A

Save for a minor bit of label confusion, Perfect Keto has it where it counts: taste, ingredient quality, testing, and more.

Superior taste and overall product quality can only be consistently achieved with sound sourcing, labeling and manufacturing practices in place, which is why we factor in all these and more when reviewing a brand or product’s quality.

Starting with the packaging, all of our Perfect Keto products came in durable and succinctly labeled boxes, tubs, and pouches. 

Nothing was damaged on arrival, and the labeling hit all the major points we wanted to see, including:

  • Nutrition facts
  • Ingredients
  • Basic product specs (flavor, weight/volume, servings per box, etc.)
  • Informational blurb about the product/brand
  • Gluten-free, keto, and other certification seals

One issue we encountered on the Nola Bar labels was that the 4 grams of allulose was not subtracted from the total carbohydrate amount on the nutrition facts section, leading you to believe the net carbs are 4 grams higher than they actually are. 

Perfect Keto nola bar nutrition facts
Perfect Keto’s Nola Bars have 14g of total carbs.

However, there’s a separate explanation on the side of the box that shows the complete carbohydrate breakdown (14g total carbs – 6g fiber – 2g sugar alcohol – 4g allulose = 2g net carbs), which recoups a majority of the points they would have lost in our Perfect Keto quality review.

perfect keto nola bar carbs equation
Despite having 14g of total carbs per bar, Perfect Keto Nola Bars only have 2g net carbs thanks to fiber, sugar alcohol, and allulose.

Speaking of allulose, this naturally occurring sugar needs more research, but it has earned GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status from the FDA, a status further affirmed by studies demonstrating its efficacy for weight control and type 2 diabetes management, among other potential benefits.

As for Perfect Keto’s sourcing methodology, they disclosed to us that all food products are manufactured within the US, but due to supply chain issues, they opted not to go on record about specific producers. 

Finally, product research and development at Perfect Keto is motivated by two major principles: clean and “glycemically friendly” (our word salad, not theirs) ingredients.

“It’s not enough for a product to be low in carbs,” Chris said, adding, “it can’t spike blood sugar or encourage inflammation.”

After researching hundreds of ingredients—including how they interact with each other and which ratios are most appropriate—and shortlisting the best candidates, Perfect Keto actually tests the sugar-spiking ability of ingredients themselves, and if it’s anything greater than a tiny blip, they return to the drawing board.

Here’s a closer look at the Perfect Keto product catalog:

Perfect Keto Nut Butter
  • This was our review team’s favorite for its rich flavor and versatility.

  • We spread it on just about everything, and were neither too proud to dip.

  • This keto-friendly nut butter contains only 3g of net carbs and zero added sugars.

Perfect Keto Mac & Cheese
  • Our slight hesitation to try full-on keto mac and cheese was quickly assuaged by this tasty twist on the classic.

  • The taste and texture of the lupin bean pasta is on par with most higher-end plant-based pastas, and the sauce was surprisingly similar to non-keto mac and cheese.

  • Keto or not, the cleaner ingredient list makes this mac a healthier choice for any kid or adult.

Perfect Keto Bar
  • Despite the general ubiquity of keto bars, Perfect Keto breathes a bit of life into this product category with a solid repertoire of flavors (salted caramel and cinnamon roll, for starters).

  • Each bar contains 3 grams of net carbs and 12 grams of protein, with no added sugar, additives, or fillers.

  • We also want to call out the collagen content, which absorbs easily into the system to boost skin, hair, and joint health.

Perfect Keto Cereal
  • For too long, cheaply concocted breakfast cereals have been pumping white sugar into the American diet, which is why we appreciate this keto cereal that much more.

  • Each serving of this cereal, which comes available in three flavors (chocolate, honey nut, and cinnamon) contains only 1-2 grams of net carbs.

  • Best of all, you’ve got the added benefits of collagen, MCT oil, and no harsh preservatives or additives.

Perfect Keto Food Products

A refreshing departure from the usual rhythm of “bar, bar, cookie, bar,” Perfect Keto has a broad variety of keto food product types, including, but not limited to the following:

The Keto Mac and Cheese holds the title for the world’s first keto-certified pasta, and the Nola Bars (“no granola”) closely imitate granola without any of the grains, gluten, or soy.

Perfect Keto Supplements

The same level of variety and carefully attended formulations is observed throughout the Perfect Keto supplement selection, which includes the following products, among others: 

The Keto BHB capsules are especially well-formulated, using highly absorbable beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), a type of ketone metabolite the body breaks down for energy, to better fuel the body’s transition into ketosis. 



Grade: A-

Perfect Keto bears it all on their website (and in our interview), sharing key insights about how they develop their products, who’s doing what at the company, and more.

If you asked a street vendor where they got their food from or what’s in it only to have them laugh off your question, you’re probably finding something else to eat.

We as industry insiders and consumers take a similar approach to nutrition brands, which are awarded credit based on how much they share about their manufacturing processes, ingredients, sourcing, and more.

Chris from Perfect Keto was very forthcoming with us about all of these points, including insights on who is doing what at the company, their processes for researching and narrowing down ingredients, how they test and refine each product, and more.

The Perfect Keto website is equally accommodating in its clear presentation of beginner-friendly content, company (and employee) background information, and plenty of insights on product pages about ingredients and nutritional impact.

The one glaring oversight we noticed as far as site transparency is concerned is the lack of even a genericized supply chain breakdown (suppliers, manufacturing facilities, etc.), but because we understand the competitive reasoning here, we’re softening the deduction. 

Overall, Perfect Keto makes a convincing effort to share front-end and back-end information openly with site visitors, earning them an A- for this category. 

Website Experience


Grade: A+

Everything we want to see and experience on a brand website is here: cleanly organized information, a fluid shopping experience, and non-distracting design.

Like any other consumer, when reviewing a nutrition brand’s website, we want a cleanly organized presentation of beginner-friendly content, company information, and a fluid shopping experience.

The Perfect Keto site and blog deliver on all three fronts, offering a wealth of introductory information, a pleasing and minimalistic design, and a simple browsing/shopping experience, both on desktop and mobile devices.

It’s easy to narrow down which products you want to view using either the category links in the main navigation bar or the filters in the “shop all” section, and there were no unnecessary splash pages or runaround of any kind throughout the checking out process.

As for the blog, it’s considerably more targeted and in-depth than some keto blogs (that provide mostly recipes and surface-level info), but it isn’t so stuffy and technical as to alienate the casual viewer.

Examples of posts include 6 Keto Secrets That Work for Fitness Experts and How to Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle (Evidence-Based).

Overall, we couldn’t find a single significant issue affecting our website experience, so it’s an ace for Perfect Keto. 

Customer Service


Grade: A-

Our experience with Perfect Keto customer service was decidedly positive, but we would love to see them expand beyond email support only.

The number of customer support services available, the accommodation level and responsiveness of these services, and the brand’s shipping and return policies are the three major areas we measure when testing customer service.

Perfect Keto takes a ding on the front end for only offering email support, but both their response time—less than five minutes—and the depth of the response itself were befitting of a top-notch customer service department.

Spend $60 or more in a single purchase, and you’ll receive free shipping, and Perfect Keto offers a 30-day refund whether the product is opened or not, both of which are solid policies.

The shipping window is listed as 3-7 days, which is around the average.

Balancing our positive experience with the limitation of email-only support, we arrive at an A- for customer service. 



Grade: A-

Several value-adding factors line up in defense against typically pricier Perfect Keto products, including quality, variety, a solid subscription program, and their usefulness for strict keto dieters.

Considering the cost-inflating ingredient choices and keto-friendly engineering, we were expecting a premium on Perfect Keto products, and a premium we found.

As with most premium nutrition brands, the question is not whether the products are expensive, but rather, if this expense can be justified.

Together, the taste, ingredient quality, variety, and utility of Perfect Keto products create a solid defense for at least a slightly larger markup.

The value of these products for the keto crowd is the central differentiator as far as our opinion of Perfect Keto’s prices: if you’re not on keto, these products may be cost-prohibitive, but if you are on keto, this could make the difference between breaking your diet or staying on course.

Finally, the subscription program is what pushed us from B back into A territory for the value section of our Perfect Keto review—see more details on that below.

Perfect Keto Subscription Program

According to the Perfect Keto subscription sign-up page and subscription info on individual product pages, all subscribers will have access to the following benefits: 

  • Save 20% 
  • Free shipping
  • Exclusive subscriber-only offers
  • Priority customer support
  • Flexible terms (cancel/pause anytime)

The structure is fairly simple, starting with selecting the products you want delivered regularly, and then establishing your delivery frequency of 30, 45, or 60 days.

Rather than heading to a dedicated subscription section to add all the products in, you can simply choose the subscription option on individual product pages, complete with the delivery frequency.

Considering the powerful combination of a consistent 20% discount, free shipping, and complete flexibility on terms, this is definitely one of the most generous subscription options we’ve seen, and very much worth it for anyone thinking about regular use of the products.

Brand Value


Grade: B+

For their early-on efforts in jumpstarting a much more attractive keto food and supplement market, Perfect Keto earns ample credit, but we’d like to see them give back more.

It’s a big target to cover, but to summarize, we conceive brand value in this context as the total impact the brand has on their industry (also awarding credit for philanthropy outside the industry).

We use our discretion to factor in any unique efforts not included in our usual brand value checklist, which goes something like this:

  • Innovation
  • Philanthropy
  • Industry Disruption
  • Institutional Knowledge
  • Sustainability
  • Elevating Public Nutrition

Considering they started creating keto-friendly products at a time when there was barely anything available, and for the fact that Perfect Keto now has keto foods and desserts (not just bars), there’s no question that Perfect Keto receives high marks for innovation.

Institutional knowledge runs deep throughout Perfect Keto’s Ketogenic Diet, Nutrition, and Fitness Networks, including nutrition science researchers, nutritionists, health and strength coaches, and more.

The vast selection of keto products that actually taste good opens up a lot of new avenues for keto people, who can now offload much of the stress of sleuthing for/prepping keto-friendly snacks and ingredients. 

Especially for a well-established brand such as this one, we reserve a chunk of points for philanthropy efforts of any kind, but Perfect Keto had nothing to report on that front.

Overall, Perfect Keto has positioned itself as an authoritative and influential brand, earning them a B+.

Our Experience

Our review team received and tested several Perfect Keto products, including their Coconut Chocolate Nola Bars, powdered collagen supplement, mac and cheese, keto nut butter, and more.

The packaging in each case was durable and succinctly labeled, as mentioned, with the only issue being the omission of allulose in the net carbs equation on the nutrition facts label.

The Nola Bars were very tasty and not weirdly textured, though they were on the more oily side, which is unsurprising but possibly off-putting for some.

The mac and cheese was very similar in taste and texture to most leading plant-based mac and cheese brands, as Perfect Keto uses lupin bean pasta in this product.

It’s a close one between the nut butter and the Nola Bar for our review team’s favorite product, but we’re going to say it’s the Chocolate Hazelnut Keto Nut Butter by a nose. 

Rich and very chocolatey with no hints of being healthy or low-carb whatsoever, Perfect Keto really hits their stride with this delicious spread.

Finally, the powdered collagen supplement tasted fine (on par with most protein shakes), but considering the greater emphasis on ingredient quality in this case, we acknowledge an above-average performance for the clean and keto-friendly ingredients like MCT oil and stevia. 

Overall, our experience with Perfect Keto was a positive one, with some products standing out more than others, but a general air of keto-friendly quality present throughout. 

Perfect Keto FAQs

Where to buy Perfect Keto?

In addition to buying directly from the Perfect Keto site, customers can also find Perfect Keto and SuperFat products across the nation at Wegman’s, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Kroger, and other major grocery chains.

Does Perfect Keto put you into ketosis?

It is more the restriction of carbohydrates and less the consumption of high-fat foods that induces the state of ketosis in the first place, but Perfect Keto is an excellent way to maintain ketosis after it has begun.

Does Perfect Keto cause diarrhea?

Ketogenic dieting in general has been associated with more frequent diarrhea, so Perfect Keto and other low-carb, high-fat products may increase the chances of diarrhea occurring.

Does Perfect Keto have caffeine?

Most Perfect Keto products do not include caffeine as an ingredient, but their Perform: Keto Pre-Workout Drink has 50mg of naturally occurring caffeine. 

Is Perfect Keto an MLM?

Perfect Keto does not use multi-level marketing to promote and sell their products, which can be purchased directly from their store, Amazon, and many nationwide retailers.

Final Thoughts On Perfect Keto

Perfect Keto has elevated the state of the keto industry from early on using empirically supported ingredients and a large variety of products.

Save from a more tight-lipped stance on the supply chain (competitive sourcing, we get it), Perfect Keto is very upfront with their customers as to who they are, what they do, and how they do it.

The website experience is excellent, and customer service—while thin—is very accommodating and professional.

You won’t be undercutting grocery store prices by any means, but the clean and keto-friendly ingredients as well as the excellent variety form a solid defense for the value.

Finally, most of the Perfect Keto products we tried were above average in the taste department; the taste didn’t scream “health food” in most cases.

Perfect Keto earns an overall grade of A- in our Perfect Keto review, and we will recommend their products to any keto dieters trying to go the distance.

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