Doughp Review: Is Doughp Cookie Dough Worth It?

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If getting hooked on cookie dough made by a brand that supports people struggling with addiction (and mental health) isn’t enough irony for you, let us remind you the company is called “Doughp.”

Jokes aside, in the case of Doughp, a brand that makes cookie dough you can safely eat raw with the help of egg substitutes and heat-treated flour, we found plenty of opportunity to make treats healthier without sacrificing taste.

This uncompromising utility along with the company’s “raw” product quality, transparency, and solid customer service earned the brand an overall rating of A-.

Moreover, the major action Doughp has taken in service of their mission to help people suffering from mental health and addiction struggles transcends any score we could have given them.

After an illuminating conversation with founder Kelsey Moreira (who you may recognize from her very recent reappearance on season 13 of Shark Tank), several weeks of independent research into the company, and a less-than-reluctant sampling campaign, here’s everything we learned, liked, and didn’t like about Doughp.

Ride Or Die
  • Description

    Baked or raw, it doesn’t matter – our team was just a little enamored with this better-for-you interpretation of classic chocolate chip.

  • Ingredients

    Heat-Treated Flour, Salted Butter, Brown Sugar, Vanilla, Baking Soda, Flaxseed, and Chocolate Chips. Contains Milk, Wheat

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • Criminally tasty
  • More nutritious than majority of competitors
  • Completely safe to eat raw
  • Wide variety of flavors and quantities
  • As a brand: very strong mental health and addiction advocacy efforts
  • As a brand: elevating quality standards for this product category
  • Cons
  • More expensive than standard retail
  • No readily available phone support
  • Slightly clunky product navigation (website)

The Healing Art of Baking: Doughp’s Founding Story

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As we learned from our conversation with founder Kelsey Moreira at Natural Products Expo West 2022 and our subsequent conversation, Doughp was a byproduct of Kelsey’s sobriety journey.

After getting sober in 2015, thanks largely to rediscovering her passion for baking, Kelsey decided to transition from her career in tech to share her recipes as well as her revelations from her life-altering sobriety journey with the world.

Doughp was officially founded in 2017, and as you might expect, “The first few years were all about brand awareness, creating an in-person storefront, and just getting people to come through and experience what we’re all about,” Kelsey told us.

The first few years were all about brand awareness, creating an in-person storefront, and just getting people to come through and experience what we’re all about.

Doughp Founder Kelsey Moreira

Her husband came on board in late 2019, and together, they decided to double down on e-commerce sales, shutting down their San Francisco storefront and, eventually (2020), the Vegas storefront. 

If you’re hesitant to guess how this serendipitously timed move affected Doughp’s growth trajectory, let’s rephrase: Doughp, a cookie dough retailer with a passion for mental health advocacy, went full e-commerce mode months before a global pandemic stressed us all out and forced us indoors.

Needless to say, sales in 2020 more than doubled over the previous year, perfectly positioning Doughp for bigger moves in the arena of retail distribution (Walmart launch first quarter of 2022, Costco, and more).

Throughout this wild ride⁠—and we’ll discuss this more below⁠—Kelsey and her growing team never abandoned the brand’s deeper message: We’re here to talk about and support people going through addiction and/or mental health struggles.

Kelsey and her growing team never abandoned the brand’s deeper message: We’re here to talk about and support people going through addiction and/or mental health struggles.

Our Doughp Review


Overall Rating: A-

Doughp’s delicious and comparatively nutritious products are backed by solid (but improvable) customer support and a smooth website experience.

We realize that, unlike supplements or superfoods, (ideally) occasional treats like cookie dough are generally subjected to less scrutiny⁠—they are what they are.

Still, as reviewers, we can operate within this less nutritionally focused space because there is always opportunity to make a dessert healthier.

In other words, we have no intentions of taking it easy on or changing the rules for Doughp, who we subjected to the same six criteria we use to review every brand:

  • Quality
  • Transparency
  • Website Experience
  • Customer Service
  • Value
  • Brand Value

First and foremost, let’s talk about quality. 



Grade: A

Taste, texture, and relative nutritional value are consistently excellent for every variety of Doughp cookie dough, including those we personally sampled.

For a brand so committed to fighting addiction, Doughp is a problem. 

In all seriousness, after sampling the vast majority of their products, we have zero complaints on flavor, texture, or aftertaste in either case (raw or baked).

Knowing ahead of time the brand stealthily replaces white sugar with brown and eggs with flaxseed, we were vigilantly watching out for that “Oh, this is definitely a health food” realization while taste testing (see: turkey bacon vs regular bacon), but it never came.

Considering Doughp also works in avocado puree, real cocoa, and other comparatively healthy ingredients while taking it easy on the preservatives, we were equally impressed with the ingredient list.

For the quality of the ingredients, the uncompromised taste, and the breadth of the product catalog, we give Doughp a grade of A for quality.

Speaking of product catalog, here’s a rundown of all of Doughp’s products, starting with the four bestsellers:

Ride Or Die
  • Description

    Baked or raw, it doesn’t matter – our team was just a little enamored with this better-for-you interpretation of classic chocolate chip.

  • Ingredients

    Heat-Treated Flour, Salted Butter, Brown Sugar, Vanilla, Baking Soda, Flaxseed, and Chocolate Chips. Contains Milk, Wheat.

Cookie Monsta
  • Description

    The blue-greenish hue may give you pause at first, but Doughp’s OREO-filled take on cookies and cream was a favorite among our review team.

  • Ingredients

    Heat-Treated Flour, Salted Butter, Brown Sugar, Vanilla, Baking Soda, Flaxseed, Blue Food Coloring and OREOs. Contains Milk, Wheat, Soy

Dunk On ‘Em
  • Description

    Millennials and older can revel in the nostalgia of this 90s throwback (remember Dunkaroos?) featuring rainbow sprinkles and Teddy Grahams.

  • Ingredients

    All-Purpose Flour, Brown Sugar, Butter, Vanilla Frosting, Honey Teddy Grahams, Water, Flaxseed, Salt, Vanilla, Baking Soda. Contains Wheat, Milk, Soy

Brownie Beast
  • Description

    A favorite of Kelsey’s and at least one of our reviewers, Brownie Beast earns its monstrous moniker with the help of upcycled grain, which boosts both protein and fiber content.

  • Ingredients

    Brown Sugar, Heat-Treated Flour, Regrained Supergrain+, Water, Fudge Brownie, Dutch Cocoa, Mini Chocolate Chips, Golden Flaxseed, Natural Flavor, Salt and Baking Soda. Contains Wheat, Barley, Rye, Milk, Soy, Egg (In Baked Brownie)

And now for the supporting cast in a more rapid-fire format:

Peanut Butter Kiss

The time-tested power couple –  chocolate (Hershey’s kisses) and peanut butter – wins again in Peanut Butter Kiss. 

Ingredients: Heat-Treated Flour, Brown Sugar, Salted Butter, Peanut Butter, Hershey’s Kisses, Vanilla, Flaxseed, Baking Soda. Contains Nuts, Wheat, Milk, Soy.

Fairy Dust

The whimsically minded cookie gourmand will find the taste matches the name, transporting you to a Wonkaesque plane of saccharin delight.

Non-theater-major translation: This sugar cookie dough with rainbow sprinkles tastes really good.

Ingredients: Heat-Treated Flour, Salted Butter, Brown Sugar, Vanilla, Baking Soda,  Flaxseed, and Rainbow Sprinkles. Contains Wheat, Milk, and Soy.

You Want S’More?!

“How can I have some more if I haven’t had any yet?”

Enjoy this chocolate and marshmallow cookie dough raw or baked, Smalls, and you’ll ask for more anyway.

Ingredients: Heat-Treated Flour, Salted Butter, Brown Sugar, Vanilla, Cocoa Powder, Baking Soda, Flaxseed, Mini Marshmallows, Graham Crackers, and Chocolate chips. Contains Wheat, Milk, and Soy.


Unfazed by all the bells and whistles? Try this plain cookie dough and don’t let your friends make fun of you – it’s still delicious.

Ingredients: Heat-Treated Flour, Brown Sugar, Butter, Water, Flaxseed, Salt, Vanilla, Baking Soda. Contains Wheat, Milk.

Avocadough Brownie

In the spirit of inclusivity, Doughp is waving over those sadly salivating vegans to join in with completely vegan Avocadough Brownie, which makes for awesome cake pops (check out the Doughp blog for more info).

Ingredients: Avocado Puree, Brown Sugar, Heat-Treated Flour, Dutch Cocoa, Water, Natural Flavor, Ssalt, Golden Flaxseed, Baking Soda. Contains Wheat.

Cinna Mood (Limited Time)

This sultry piece of fan service introduces white chocolate to the already raving Snickerdoodle fan base – don’t panic, change is good. 

Ingredients: Heat-Treated Wheat Flour, Brown Sugar, Salted Butter, White Chocolate Chips (Made With Sunflower Lecithin), Water, Flaxseed, Cinnamon, Vanilla Extract, Baking Soda.

Available Sizes and Bundles

As Kelsey informed us, the vast majority of Doughp customers are individuals, but larger orders are still available for parties or events.

From smallest to largest, here are all the available size/bundle options you can peruse on the Doughp site to find the perfect amount of cookie dough:

Bestseller Pack: Featuring Ride Or Die, Brownie Beast, Cookie Monsta and Dunk On ‘Em, the Bestseller Pack allows you to choose between two sizes: 4 x 8oz containers (makes 60 cookies) and 4 x 16oz containers (makes 120 cookies). 

Build Your Own Pack: This option features 8oz cups, which scale up in number (not size) with increasing large orders: Dig In (2 cups), Feel Legit (4 cups), and Fully Commit (6 cups).

Taste Test: For toe-dippers, Doughp’s Taste Test allows for the purchase of a single 8oz or 16oz container of Dunk On ‘Em, Cookie Monsta, Ride Or Die, or Brownie Beast. 

Finally, for anyone bravely soldiering through their sobriety journey who responds well to the gratification of your hard work being rewarded, the Celebration Shop offers a wealth of fun, yet meaningful ways to deservedly pat yourself or a loved one on the back

You commemorate your sobriety birthday with cookie dough, and we’ll keep flailing wildly in our office chairs for that “you did it” notification from our smart watch fitness apps⁠—two huge milestones rewarded in kind.



Grade: A

Between the website and the product packaging, it doesn’t take too much poking around at all to exhume both surface-level and deeper insights into Doughp’s products and practices.

We award credit under this category for the extent to which a brand shares information with the public and with us about their products, sourcing and manufacturing, team members, mission, and other relevant operations/values.

Founder Kelsey was very forthcoming, explaining how her recipes were developed, which ingredients are used and where they come from, who’s doing what at the company, and what’s next for Doughp.

Importantly, the website incorporates much of this information without feeling cluttered or overwhelming, logically prioritizing the most important and relevant information closer to the homepage. 

Between the site and our conversation with Kelsey, here’s a small snippet of some of the key insights we gathered regarding what’s going on behind the label:

  • Eggs are substituted with a flaxseed mixture
  • The flour is commercially heat treated (safe to eat raw)
  • Doughp uses upcycled grain from the brewing industry in some products, which increases protein and fiber content
  • Doughp holds in-house mental health days as well as promotion-free mental health Mondays with their email list 

For how easy it was to glean this information and much more, Doughp earns an A for transparency. 

Website Experience


Grade: A-

The website is informative, attractive, and generally easy to use, but browsing products isn’t quite seamless.

Design-wise, the Doughp website is aesthetically pleasing, engaging, and fun to use, which aptly reflects the products they’re selling and the brand vibe.

As we’ve touched on, the depth, breadth, and accessibility of product information and company info between the site and the attached blog is enough to inform both a sound purchasing decision as well as a snapshot of the company and their mission in general.

There’s a fair amount of site copy dedicated to the mental health conversation, but not so much that customers who aren’t looking for or interested in this information would feel distracted or alienated.

Speaking of, the only “ding” we’re applying in this category is a minimal one due to the fact it takes a little digging to view all the flavors. 

Overall, Doughp provides an excellent website experience. 

Customer Service


Grade: B

Though Doughp doesn’t have phone support readily available, our questions (sent via messenger/email) were addressed promptly and politely.

As we see it, this important category has three parts: number and accessibility of customer service contact options, responsiveness and accommodation level of said services, and flexibility of shipping and return options

In lieu of a phone service, Doughp provides instant messenger and email support, both of which are easy to find from the homepage. 

After typing our question in the chat window, we were instantly routed to email support (it doesn’t appear to be a live chat service).

Less than ten minutes later, we received a polite and personalized response that clearly addressed our question.

We expected shipping costs to run higher with Doughp, considering the ice packs included in their packaging, and they do, but they’re quite reasonable at $5 for standard shipping.

The solid selection of shipping plans (standard, priority, and overnight) and relatively fast order-to-ship window, along with “a free shipping for orders of $50 or more” policy, helped Doughp redeem the lion’s share of points for shipping.

Finally, though the return policy was worded in a way that is typically too open-ended for our liking (“Reach out, tell us what’s up, and… we’ll handle refunds and/or get a new box sent your way.”) Kelsey told us that the company maintains a 100% happiness guaranteed policy, meaning they will reship lost/stolen orders or provide a different flavor if a customer is unhappy with their original order.

Overall, Doughp could beef up their customer service a bit with a phone line and/or live chat, but the policies they have in place and the customer service experience they provided us were befitting of a pro-consumer operation. 



Grade: B

What would be a larger deduction for the premium Doughp charges is largely mitigated by the quality, nutritional value, and several other competitive advantages their products provide.

Doughp products are significantly more expensive than the majority of alternatives you can find at brick-and-mortar retail stores and many online sellers.

Price alone is only a fraction of true value, however, which is why we carefully weighed these differentiators when deliberating Doughp’s value score:

  • Superior taste and quality (seriously)
  • Higher nutritional value than most alternatives
  • Completely safe to eat raw
  • Delivered to your door packed with reusable ice packs 
  • Your purchase(s) contributes to mental health and addiction support
  • Access to a welcoming community that openly discusses mental health and addiction issues

Balancing these substantially value-boosting factors, competitor price comparisons, and our own experiences with the products, the premium seems much more reasonable than we first believed, earning Doughp a B for value

Pssst… The Password Is Marmalade (Doughp Secret Cookie Dough Club)

Tantalizingly veiled in semi-secrecy on the Doughp website, the Secret Cookie Dough Club is a virtual speakeasy of sorts that offers hardcore cookie dough fans a chance at savings.

Here are the details:

  • $29/month for two 16oz containers of cookie dough
  • Rotating, potentially exclusive flavors
  • Free shipping (on the two monthly pints only)
  • Random perks and surprises

Considering you’d be paying significantly more than $29 for two pints of cookie dough without the subscription⁠—largely because of the shipping cost⁠—this is definitely worth it if you’re committed to two pints a month. 

And as Kelsey reaffirmed in our conversation, club members also get access to content, cookie dough, and other mystery perks that non-members don’t.

Brand Value


Grade: A+

On the mental health and addiction support front, Doughp goes far beyond lip service, and their innovative products are raising industry standards.

Finally, this broader review category assesses the total impact the reviewed brand has on their industry while also assigning credit for any philanthropic and/or charitable efforts. 

Understandably, these two areas of measurement can encompass many circumstantially variable factors, including, but not limited to:

  • Product innovation
  • Community and industry engagement
  • Supplier oversight
  • Institutional knowledge
  • Philanthropy and charity

Even if they aren’t the first, Doughp is arguably one of the best and most prominent suppliers of safe-to-eat-raw cookie dough, which still earns them a big chunk of points here for product innovation.

Their comparatively nutritious ingredient list also bodes well for brand value, both in our rating system and how they are perceived by the public. 

Finally, Doughp could offer a master class on how to authentically and effectively support a cause.

Where other companies spin the wheel, choose a cause at random and pander away⁠—or worse, weigh in on political issues nowhere near the scope of their stuffy board rooms⁠—Kelsey and her team derive their de-stigmatizing messaging from lived experience, empathy, and compassion.

“A little vulnerability goes a long way,” Kelsey told us, explaining that even people not personally affected by mental health or addiction struggles can reach out to those who are struggling by sharing other examples of their fears, foibles, and insecurities as equally fallible human beings.

A little vulnerability goes a long way.

Doughp Founder Kelsey Moreira

There’s no end to the campaign⁠—at Doughp, every month is “Mental Health Awareness Month”—because the company itself represents a triumph over addiction, making the ongoing discourse they support an inseparable part of it.

Between their regular and substantial donations to the SHE RECOVERS Foundation, their Mental Health Monday posts, #Doughp4Hope Pledge, and the way they treat their own people, we proudly commend Doughp for the work they’ve put in to actually help these underrepresented communities. 

Our Experience

Disclaimer: We’re not just going to gush because this is a sugary treat. However snobby it may sound, our review team is actually more difficult to impress in this case because of the implicit hit to nutritional value.

But in the case of Doughp’s cookie dough, it’s just undeniably, insanely good⁠—there’s no way around it and no complaint that we can fairly issue.

Our review team sampled Brownie Beast, Cookie Monsta, Ride or Die, and Dunk On ‘Em over a period of several weeks, which included baking each of these products and eating the dough raw.

Every single option, baked or raw, was problematically delicious.

We also noticed while basking shamelessly in the light of our open refrigerators at midnight (we accept what we are) that, while dense enough to achieve that perfect level of chewiness, the thickness still allowed for easy scooping without having to put the container on the counter.

Most importantly, if you had given us this comparatively nutritious alternative to standard cookie dough without telling us the brand, there’s very little chance we would have labeled it a “health product” based on taste.

All of the other aspects of our experience were hitch-less, including the timing of our deliveries, the condition of products on receipt (everything was well-preserved with ice packs), and our shopping experience. 

Suffice it to say, Doughp really are experts on addiction⁠—from both sides of the issue. 

FAQs About Doughp

Where to buy Doughp?

Aside from buying directly from their website, you can now find Doughp at Walmart, DashMart, Macy’s, and Gopuff. 

How long is Doughp good for?

According to Doughp, their cookie dough will last two weeks at room temperature, 45 days in the fridge, or a year in the freezer. 

How many calories are in Doughp?

You can find a complete list of calories and ingredients here, but to use the four bestselling products as an example, Brownie Beast contains 220 calories per serving, Cookie Monsta contains 250 calories per serving, Dunk On “Em contains 250 calories per serving, and Ride Or Die contains 260 calories per serving (serving size for all = 3 Tbsp).

Is Doughp keto-friendly?

No, Doughp is not keto-friendly.

Where is Doughp located?

Though much of their business is now conducted online, Doughp is officially headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Was Doughp on Shark Tank?

Yes, Kelsey and Doughp made an appearance on Shark Tank but did not receive a deal; however, not long after, Doughp secured an unrelated $500,000 investment, and in the years following (as the COVID pandemic emerged), saw huge growth as online sales surged.

Final Thoughts

Here’s our recap: Doughp received an overall grade of A- for their innovative, (relatively) nutritious, and criminally delicious cookie dough products.

They provide an excellent user experience while openly sharing deeper insights about the company.

Their ingredients and manufacturing practices expose high ethical standards and a commitment to healthier, yet uncompromisingly tasty cookie dough.

Especially if your first impression is the price tag, the products seem expensive, but offer a ton of value over alternatives.

Finally, with each bite, Doughp empowers you to advance the conversations surrounding mental health and addiction in a truly meaningful way.

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