The 6 Best Multivitamins for Men of 2024


“So, I can just pop one of these every day and continue to eat what I want, right?”

Yeah, that’s not really the mindset this list of the six best men’s multivitamins is meant to create.

When paired with a balanced diet and exercise, however, clean and whole-food-based multivitamins like Vitamin Code Men’s Multivitamin—our top pick—can significantly improve your long-term health and wellness outlook.

Whichever men’s multivitamin you choose, this list will show you what to look for, what to avoid, and how to choose between so many options.

Vitamin Code Men’s Multivitamin
Vitamin Code Men’s Multivitamin
  • Description

    Leading the field with a huge selection of organic, whole-food-based nutrients that support energy,  cognition, and more, we don’t see Vitamin Code Men’s Multivitamin being outdone any time soon.

Hi-Health Men’s Multi
Hi-Health Men’s Multi
  • Description

    Sporting more than three dozen key micronutrients, energy and men’s health blends, and more, Hi-Health Men’s Multi is one of the most complete multivitamins we’ve seen to date.

The Best Multivitamins for Men

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Garden of Life Vitamin Code
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Hi-Health Men’s Multi
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Solaray Men’s Golden Multivitamin
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Best for: Anyone willing to pay a bit extra for an extremely clean, whole-food based men’s multivitamin from a well-reputed brand.

Built on a principle of “traceability,” Garden of Life and their whole-food-derived supplements are all about bringing real nutrients from real food to the everyday consumer in the purest form possible.

Such is the case with their Vitamin Code Men’s Multivitamin, which contains:

  • 23 listed micronutrients (usually at 100% RDA)
  • 23 raw, organic fruits and vegetables 
  • 15 probiotics and digestive enzymes
  • 2 antioxidant/immune support ingredients

This formulation targets cognition, energy, prostate and heart health, resilience to stress, and more.

Yes, you’re paying a premium for these capsules, but there simply is nothing on this list—or, to our knowledge, “out there”—that can come close to the whole-food-based nutrition delivered by this thoughtfully balanced blend of organic foods, probiotics, antioxidants, and more.

It also helps that the ingredients in Vitamin Code Men’s Multivitamin never exceed 115 degrees Fahrenheit in the manufacturing process, helping to preserve the nutrients in their natural, “raw” environment. 

Best for: Any man looking to supplement as many nutrients as possible with a trustworthy product.

It may not be as perfectly primped as Garden of Life’s multivitamin with all of its organic ingredients, but Hi-Health Men’s Multi is not messing around when it comes to nutrient density.

Between the vitamin and mineral content, whole food blend, men’s support complex, and energy support complex, this veritable cornucopia of wellness-supporting ingredients covers a massive spread of vital nutrients.

But Hi-Health didn’t just carelessly throw fistfuls of ingredients into the formulation; the saw palmetto berry, green tea, and antioxidant ingredients speak to a well-thought-out ingredient list that targets prostate health, reduced energy, and other key issues commonly affecting men.

Best for: Middle-aged to older men looking to optimize their nutrient intake to combat signs of aging. 

Just one, we promise: if you buy that same pair of white or gray New Balance shoes every year, you may be a perfect candidate for this multivitamin.

Made for the man who’s “seen a thing or two,” Solaray Men’s Golden Multivitamin is perfectly optimized to counteract prostate health issues, reduced energy, vision decline, and other “rites” of aging.

Solaray uses a Men’s Herbal Support Complex containing alfalfa herb, saw palmetto, wild yam, and several other ingredients to accomplish this, along with about two dozen micronutrients.

Having had the opportunity to personally meet with Chief Innovation and Science Officer Max Willis of Better Being—the parent company that owns Solaray—we can confirm the major investment they put into their science-supported supplements.

Best for: Vegan men or any guy looking for an extremely clean, sugar-free multivitamin gummy. 

Wowing our team at Natural Health Products Expo East 2022 with their all-organic vitamin display, Mary Ruth’s delivers once again with this sugar-free, vegan multivitamin for men.

Here’s everything else their impeccably clean multivitamin gummy is free of:

  • Dairy
  • Nuts
  • Gluten and Wheat
  • Corn
  • Soy
  • Nightshade

It’s also pectin-based (no gelatin) and non-GMO.

Frills aside, this multivitamin delivers everything a man needs for a general wellness boost, including letter vitamins A-E, biotin, pantothenic acid, zinc, and more.

Best for: Men looking for an energizing multivitamin with other benefits (i.e., prostate health) at an excellent value.

Somehow able to outperform most of the items on this list in both nutrient density and price, Nature’s Way Alive! Once Daily Men’s Complete Multivitamins are making a very strong case for the best value multivitamin out there.

The sprawling ingredient list for this men’s multivitamin tablet includes all the major letter vitamins, pantothenic acid, biotin, zinc, magnesium, chromium, copper, and 9 different blends.

The blends are made with lycopene and saw palmetto, fruit and vegetable extracts, nootropics like ginkgo biloba and rhodiola rosea, and much more.

Plus, the convenience of taking one tablet a day and being done with it is sure to appeal to the more, shall we say, checklist-averse half of humankind (I can say it, I’m a man).

Best for: Middle-aged to older men looking for a boost in athletic and/or sexual performance.

Of a dual nature in terms of its contributions to mankind is the tribulus terrestris (TT) plant, which, when it isn’t pricking the feet or bicycle tires of intrepid adventurers, is used (and has been used for millennia) as a male virility booster.

TT extracts still stand up under modern scientific investigations, which point to a class of compounds within the plant called saponins as responsible for boosts in sexual performance, coronary heart disease treatment, modulating hypertension, and more.

True to form, NOW has turned this ancient remedy into a perfectly concentrated, high-value supplement made to GMP (good manufacturing practices) standards.

Each tablet of NOW Sports Tribulus contains 1000mg of an extract that is standardized to 45% saponins. 

Seeing as it isn’t a multivitamin, it’s been relegated to honorable mention status, but for any man looking for a virility boost, NOW Sports Tribulus is among the best of its kind.

Multivitamin for Men FAQ

Which brand of multivitamin is best?

The answer is based upon each customer’s unique circumstances, but generally, Solaray, Hi-Health, Garden of Life, and NOW are among the most high-quality multivitamin brands around.

Is it good to take a multivitamin everyday?

It depends on you, your diet, and the multivitamin. A person with no nutritional deficiencies or conditions following a balanced diet should be able to safely take a one-a-day multivitamin every day.

As always, it’s safest to defer to your primary care physician if you have any questions or concerns.

Who should avoid taking multivitamins?

Various forms of metabolic disorders, anemia, ulcers, and many other conditions can impair your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Some conditions make it unsafe to take a multivitamin.

Consult with your primary care physician if you have questions or concerns.

Are there any negatives to taking vitamins?

Overloading on some vitamins can cause adverse effects along a broad spectrum, depending on the nutrient and other circumstances. Inferior products containing toxins and other harmful substances will obviously cause adverse reactions as well.

These are two key reasons why tracking your RDAs and trusting only the best brands are best practices.

What are the best vitamins to take daily?

While we can point to widespread deficiencies in vitamin D and B vitamins as likely answers, we’re compelled out of the need to respect each person’s circumstances to repeat the party line: it depends on who you are.

Getting a blood test and/or speaking to your physician may help narrow down your nutritional needs.

Why do doctors not routinely recommend vitamins?

Fear of contaminated and/or inferior products, hesitancy to remove nutrients from their natural sources, and a lack of long-term studies (in some cases) are all reasons that doctors cite for not recommending multivitamins to their patients.

Final Thoughts

  • Not every multivitamin is a catch-all. Research and shop with your unique goals in mind.
  • Whole-food sourced ingredients are great, organic versions are better.
  • Multivitamins do not replace a balanced diet.

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