Why We Partner With Hi-Health


It’s rare that we take our focus off of wellness brands to feature and partner with multi-brand online retailers, but we made an exception for Hi-Health because of the value they can bring to our audience.

As one of the health and wellness industry’s most trusted retailers of vitamins, minerals, sports supplements, and more since the 70s, Hi-Health has the knowledge and infrastructure to help our team improve accessibility to industry-leading nutrition solutions for our readers.

a line up of hi-health products

Having spent an ample amount of time already meeting their crew and checking out operations, we’re proud to announce that The Nutrition Insider has officially partnered with Hi-Health. 

From now on, if you choose to try out a product recommended in our content, you may be linked to Hi-Health.

Here’s why we’re trusting them with the responsibility of taking care of our people, starting with their reputation.

A Solid Rep

Established in 1972, Hi-Health has been around for more than 50 years now.

In that time, they’ve amassed a consistently well-reviewed selection of products across a vast spectrum of health needs.

Alongside the catalog has grown a team of scientific researchers and testers, as well as a nutrition counseling team that consults one-on-one with callers to help them determine the most appropriate product(s) to get the results they’re looking for.

Their philosophy may not be centered around hyper-trendy nutrition products, but that’s actually what we like most about them: their staying power comes from actually sticking to tested nutrition principles, not hacky fads.

You don’t need aggressively marketed, poorly researched gimmicks to establish superior well-being through sound nutrition, and Hi-Health gets it. This is one of several major reasons we trust their products.

Well-Curated Catalog With Room for More

Speaking of products, Hi-Health carries more than 1,000 high-quality nutrition products from well-reputed brands, and as part of our partnership, can easily order more products based on our recommendations.

image from the hi-health website

Here’s an abbreviated list of the (in full, 22) product categories listed on the Hi-Health store:

Notable brands included throughout this catalog include NOW Foods, Garden of Life, Hi-Health’s own brand, Nature’s Way, and about 70 others. Yes, 70.

Once you’re on the site, you can browse by category, brand, or health benefit.

We also are major proponents of the quiz feature, which allows customers to totally personalize their supplement regimen based on a well-balanced series of questions assessing nutritional needs.

unnamed 5 1

And wouldn’t you know it, they support a vast majority of the products we already support, which was another confirmation that our philosophies are well-aligned.

Value and Perks

Hi-Health offers an impressive suite of perks that piqued our interest as consumer advocates.

First and foremost, all orders within the continental US ship for free, so long as you keep the order under 10 lbs (that’s a lot of vitamins).

Auto-shipment subscribers can also save up to 30% on top of the free shipping, and you can skip, change, or cancel orders whenever you want.

As an added bonus, all Hi-Health branded products (with just a few exceptions) are made in the USA.

Finally, the Optim Rewards program is among the more generous in the industry, offering shoppers 5 points for every $1 they spend on products.

For every 500 points, you’ll earn a $5 reward that can be spent on a single purchase or distributed between several, and as your total number of points earned increases, you’ll earn more points per dollar spent. 

Finally, Hi-Health’s products are affordable. They hang with the top tier of value brands across most product categories yet hold the highest quality standards.

And there you have it—the value, reputation, and pro-consumer approach of Hi-Health was too good to pass up. Welcome to the family! 

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