Expo East 2022 Standout Brand: Better Being


Better Being: A Family of Innovative Wellness Brands


It quickly made sense to us why Better Being needed a bigger booth at the expo, as this family of brands has a whole lot to showcase.

Formerly Nutraceutical, Better Being owns Zhou, Solaray, Nu U Nutrition, Zand Immunity, Nature’s Life, and several more health and nutrition brands, covering a huge range of high-quality supplements and wellness products from vitamins to deodorant.

You would have to eat 50 cups of kale to get 350mg of magnesium.

Max Willis, Chief Innovation and Science Officer at Better Being

Thankfully, Chief Innovation and Science Officer Max Willis and Nikita Austen of the Innovation Team were there to hone us in on a few of their newest and most impressive products as we gawked at what looked like a store within the expo.

Highlighting Solaray’s “Food Is Not Enough” campaign, Max featured Solaray’s Magnesium Glycinate, which delivers a powerful 350mg of magnesium.

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Max Willis, Chief Innovation and Science Officer at Better Being, stands next to a scale indicating the amount of kale you’d have to eat to match one dose of Solaray’s Magnesium Glycinate

“You would have to eat 50 cups of kale to get 350mg of magnesium,” explained Max, adding that the highly absorbable form of magnesium Solaray has developed is a key component in more than 300 enzymatic reactions, aiding in muscle performance/recovery, stress, and much more.

The focus on readily absorbable nutrients stood out again as Max walked us through the liposomal delivery system used in a new multivitamin rolled out by Solaray as part of the same campaign.

Better Being Nikita Austen
Nikita Austen of Better Being’s Innovation Team shows off Zhou Nutrition’s Plant Complete Protein

Finally, Nikita Austen talked up Zhou’s Plant Complete Protein, which, using pea and rice protein, was able to achieve a perfect PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score) of 1.

This means that, though the product is completely plant-based, combining the amino acids from the two plant sources provides a complete protein with enough of each (and every) essential amino acid to sufficiently meet daily requirements. 

If you haven’t noticed the theme at work in choosing our favorite supplement brands from Expo East yet, we’ll just lay it out for you: real science. Testable, proven formulations versus “micro-crystal action” nonsense. And out of dozens, these four brands delivered the most.

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