Expo West 2023 Standout Brand: More Labs


If you’ve ever had one (or three) too many during a fun night out, you know that the next day is not so fun—but that’s something More Labs aims to help. 

This LA-based brand carries functional shots to boost productivity and wellness, including their flagship Morning Recovery shot. 

Loaded with liver-supporting and hydration-boosting ingredients like milk thistle, prickly pear extract, red ginseng, and electrolytes, Morning Recovery is clinically proven to improve symptoms after drinking. 

Yep, they’ve even got the data to back it up—in a clinical study, Morning Recovery users had up to 80% improvement in headaches, heart-pounding, concentration, and clumsiness after drinking.

More Labs expo west 2023

Even if you aren’t a big drinker, More Labs also has the Liquid Focus shot to enhance cognition and Dream Well to help you sleep better.

As CEO Josh Groff explained to us at Expo West, “We’re really a productivity company, so we’re trying to boost productivity in all parts of our life by using science-backed supplements.”

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