Expo West 2023 Standout Brand: Brainiac Foods


Taking a pragmatic approach to the daily nutritional needs of babies, toddlers, and adults, Brainiac is targeting key nutrients that most of us just aren’t getting—lutein, DHA, omega-3s, and more.

Of course, if you eat salmon, brussel sprouts, and walnuts every day, then we stand corrected, but otherwise, Brainiac’s Gummies, Brain Butters (lol), and Applesauce Squeezers can help you hit these nutritional goals more consistently and easily.

Beyond the products themselves, we appreciate how Brainiac used feedback from their audience to shape their product line, as Head of Marketing Tina White and co-founder Mark Brooks explained.

Babies become toddlers, and parents want in on the action at some point, which is how the gummies and brain butters were inspired. 

Brainiac booth expo west 2023

Throughout each product line, we see a consistent emphasis on serving up these developmentally crucial fats and other key nutrients with clean and honest formulations. 

Thanks for the peek under the hood, Brainiac Foods!

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