Expo East 2022 Standout Brand: Wilde Chips


Wilde Chips: Game-Changing Chicken Chips

It was a real “please don’t let me down” moment as our press team hovered over the counter of the Wilde Chips booth hoping that their chips wouldn’t taste like cardboard, because we already knew that Wilde was trouncing the standard chip on a nutritional level.

Sure enough, most of us found ourselves doing that nonsensical thing we all do when we taste something that surpasses our expectations, which is to say, just staring at the half of the chip we didn’t eat to somehow absorb more information about it.

Made from chicken breast, egg whites, and bone broth, Wilde Chips are just plain good, and the texture is very, very close to potato chips.

As we crunched on in half-disbelief, Wilde VP of Sales Mike Senn and Director of Sales John Culver got an assembly line of sorts going in front of their booth, passing our huddle of team members flavor after flavor.

mike senn of wilde chips at expo east 2022
The Wilde Chips booth was popping. We soon learned why.

At the time of the Expo, Wilde had already rolled out Himalayan Pink Salt, Salt and Vinegar, Buffalo, Chicken and Waffles, and Nashville Hot, and more flavors are reportedly on the way.

“It delivers five times the protein and half the carbs of potato chips,” Mike said as we continued to delete samples with no remorse.

We’re not exaggerating when we say that the taste and texture of Wilde chips not only surpasses every attempt at high-protein and/or low-carb chips on the market, but in fact have surpassed most brands of standard potato chips.

It delivers five times the protein and half the carbs of potato chips.

Mike Senn, VP of Sales at Wilde Chips

And we totally get where they’re going with the chicken-themed flavors (buffalo, chicken and waffles, etc.), which worked very well with the subtle chicken flavor of the chip.

If you’re a little hesitant, grab a bag of the Himalayan Pink Salt and you’ll see—it’s just a really tasty chip with a hint of chicken flavor. 

Thanks for sharing your story and giving us far too many samples, Wilde crew!

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