Expo East 2022 Standout Brand: Serenity Kids


Serenity Kids: Clean, Nutritious Baby Food

It’s bad enough that your mother-in-law guilt trips you for providing your child with a pouch of baby food instead of a home-cooked meal (some of us work, grandma!); you shouldn’t have to feel more guilt for handing your little one a tube of preservatives and cheap fillers.

This is where Serenity and Joe Carr—founders of Serenity Kids—come in with their incredibly clean, high-quality baby food solutions. 

What we really wanted to do was to bring fat and protein back to the aisle, how it used to be.

Serenity Carr, Co-founder of Serenity Kids

For any non-parents who understandably gloss over the baby food section at the store, it really is a desert out there for parents who actually care about top-quality ingredients; Joe and Serenity have sought to fix this with a number of key improvements.

“We were really mad about how all the baby food aisle was just fruit and grains, pretty much 100 percent carbs,” Serenity remarked. “What we really wanted to do was to bring fat and protein back to the aisle, how it used to be.”

And bring them back they did, launching a line of baby food pouches featuring foods like real beef, chicken, organic peas and carrots, bone broth, ginger, bell pepper, and much more. 

Joe and Serenity Carr of Serenity Kids at expo east 2022
Joe Carr hams it up with his wife and Serenity Kids co-founder Serenity Carr, but the quality of their organic baby food is no joke.

Restoring the macronutrient profile to a more breastmilk-like arrangement was just the beginning for Serenity Kids, as the inclusion of nutrient-dense, organic vegetables and real pasture-raised meats brought out a ton of micronutrients that kids need for healthy development.

Just as important is what isn’t in Serenity Kids baby food products, e.g., added sugar, rice, grain, soy, corn, and nuts.

Joe and Serenity, we earnestly thank you for taking the high road in service of a precious and underserved population.

We also thank you for cracking us up while you vogued for the camera between takes—keep it up!

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