Expo East 2022 Standout Brand: Om Mushroom Superfoods


Om Mushroom Superfoods: Om-azing Fungi Fun

Although some people might be averse to drinking mushrooms, Om is quick to dispel this fungi-phobia. 

Om Mushroom Superfoods has a wide variety of functional mushroom products, ranging from shroomy lattes to hot chocolate to protein powder—but if you’re still not sold, you can take their mushroom capsules to reap all of the same benefits. 

“Our goal is for people to eat mushrooms every day,” said Om Mushroom Founder Sandra Carter, who, by the way, has an impressive lineup of letters behind her name, including an M.A., MPH, and Ph.D. in preventative medicine—NBD. 

Om mushroom superfood at expo east 2022
Om Mushrooms Founder Sandra Carter sharing some om-azing fungi facts.

Sandra and her co-founder, Steve Farrar—a mycologist with over 30 years of ‘shroom experience—grow 11 varieties of mushrooms in an environmentally controlled, cGMP-certified facility in Carlsbad, California, ensuring that the mushrooms are free of toxins, pesticides, and heavy metals. 

The fun-guys (and girls) at Om shared with us some of their Master Blend Plant-Based Protein, which contains ten functional mushrooms (bet you didn’t even know there were that many) plus 150mg of organic botanical adaptogens like ashwagandha, turmeric, and ginkgo biloba. 

These superstar functional mushrooms are more potent than the ones you’d find atop a veggie pizza or salad bar—but not as strong as those other types of ‘shrooms (no psychedelic experiences here).

Our goal is for people to eat mushrooms every day.

Sandra Carter, Founder of Om Mushroom Superfoods

Some of the most well-known functional mushrooms are chaga, lion’s mane, reishi, and cordyceps, which may support sleep, mood, and cognitive, immune, and gut health. 

If you’re curious about the taste of these products, don’t worry—besides a pleasant and slightly earthy flavor, it won’t taste anything like you’re chugging a blended portabella smoothie first thing in the morning. 

In fact, if you gave us a protein powder taste test, we doubt we’d be able to pick out the mushroom-loaded one in the line-up.

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