Expo East 2022 Standout Brand: NotCo


NotCo: No Meat, No Problem

NotCo at expo east 2022

If you’re a vegan who is tired of tofu and watery non-dairy milk, NotCo is for you. 

Veganism is one of the fastest growing segments of dietary restrictions, and NotCo is changing the game with their vegan not-milk, not-burgers, and not-chicken—all engineered utilizing the power of artificial intelligence (say hello…or maybe “010101”…to NotCo’s proprietary AI Chef, Giuseppe).

Giuseppe takes the molecular composition of animal-based ingredients and searches a database of over 300,000 plants to find similar components to fool our tastebuds

For example, pineapple, cabbage, and coconut contain molecules equivalent to those in dairy milk, and cocoa and spinach are added to their not-burger to emulate meat.

Ian trying NotCo not-burger at expo east 2022
Say what you want about AI, but NotCo’s products are an A+ for vegans.

At the NotCo booth at Expo East, we sampled not-chocolate milk (no, it didn’t taste like cabbage—but it did taste good), not-burgers, and not-chicken tenders, all of which were tasty alternatives to the real thing.

Although the not-burger didn’t fool the most meat-loving members of our team, we’d bet that any vegan who misses a classic beef-filled burger would be impressed.

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