Expo East 2022 Standout Brand: Liquid I.V.


Liquid I.V.: Complete Hydration Products

Immediately passing the vibe check with a jovial and welcoming attitude, the Liquid I.V. team was a fun booth to visit, and we dig where they’re going with the product(s).

Liquid I.V. is a powdered electrolyte mix that, according to Sales Marketing Coordinator Matt Perez, “Mixes the sugar and electrolytes with essential vitamins as well to get into your bloodstream,” which enhances hydration.

A closer look at the labels reveals that Perez’s claims are not lofty marketing-speak, but in fact grounded in a sound formulation, as Liquid I.V. products contain high concentrations of B vitamins, vitamin C, and several key electrolytes and nutrients.

The proprietary CTT® delivery system that Matt makes mention of relies on specific ratios of potassium, sodium, and glucose to “accelerate the absorption of solute and water into the bloodstream,” according to the brand website.

Liquid I.V. CTT explanation

Speaking of glucose, Liquid I.V. keeps it to 11 grams of added sugar per stick (a full serving when mixed with 16oz of water), which is right around where we want electrolyte beverages to be, provided the micronutrients are in balance.

As for any comparisons to Biolyte, we’re throwing our hands up a bit, to be honest—both products are highly potent and comprehensive in how they alleviate various stressors on the body. Perhaps in-depth reviews of each brand will reveal a frontrunner.

We will say that Liquid I.V. seems to be maxing out the convenience factor, considering how the small package of powder is more portable than a bottle, and the rapidly growing list of flavors/varieties (even a powdered Green Apple kombucha!) is not to be easily outdone.

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