Expo East 2022 Standout Brand: Kevin’s Natural Foods


Kevin’s Natural Foods: Ready-Made Keto Entrees and More

Interrupted, but not deterred by a particularly zealous procession of bagpipers marching through the event hall during our meeting, Sr. Sales Manager Jesse Isaacs of Kevin’s Natural Foods gave us the rundown on why their ready-made entrees, sides, and sauces deserve their spot on grocery store shelves.

Don’t worry – it wasn’t a funeral (we think?)

For starters, Kevin’s Natural Foods makes paleo, keto, better-for-you entrees and shelf-stable simmer sauces, to use Jesse’s words, which indeed differentiates them from the vast majority of both ready-to-eat and frozen entrees (you can freeze Kevin’s entrees at home, by the way).

The rare—well, decreasingly rare, but still—combination of paleo- and keto-friendliness paired with the convenience of a heat-and-eat entree, side, or sauce is only made better by the almost complete lack of artificial ingredients and undesirable additives that Kevin’s Natural Foods uses throughout their selection.

Kevin's natural foods samples at expo east 2022
Just a few of Kevin’s many clean, paleo-friendly sides and entrees

For example, the Chicken Chile Verde entree contains sous vide chicken, tomatillos and a variety of peppers (among other natural ingredients) for the sauce, in addition to coconut nectar, tapioca starch, garlic, and xanthan gum, to name a few of the major ingredients.

In this product and the rest of their catalog, there are no unpronounceable preservatives, highly refined vegetable oils, artificial fillers and additives, or copious amounts of sugar.

The food really is clean, and many of the entrees offer a high-protein, keto and/or paleo option for clean eaters looking to stay in shape without cooking and cleaning every single night.

It was nice to meet you, Sales Manager Jesse, and we definitely dig what Kevin’s Natural Foods is doing!

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