Expo East 2022 Standout Brand: Honey Mama’s


Honey Mama’s: A Cocoa-Loaded Sweet With Nutrition You Can’t Beat

With a wide array of uniquely flavored cocoa truffle bars ranging from carrot cake to tahini tangerine to lavender rose, Honey Mama’s encourages indulging in delicious chocolatey treats without making any compromises when it comes to health.

As the bubbly duo Angela Lukic (Vice President of Marketing) and Founder Christy Goldsby told us, all of their truffle bars are made with only a handful of whole food, nutrient-rich ingredients.

It’s the best thing you’ll put in your mouth all day.

Angela Lukic, VP of Marketing at Honey Mama’s

The rich and decadent bars are free from refined sugar, soy, eggs, dairy, gluten, and grains, so you can feel good about eating Honey Mama’s chocolate at any time—and with far less sugar than a typical bowl of cereal, we see no reason why a Coffee Nib Crunch Bar couldn’t be your new breakfast of choice.    

For a quick look behind the wrapper, their Coconut Cocoa Truffle Bar, for example, contains organic raw honey, organic coconut, organic unrefined coconut oil, organic alkalized cocoa powder, Himalayan pink salt, and vanilla extract—all for just 7g of sugar per serving. 

honey mama's angela lukic and christy goldsby at expo east 2022
Angela Lukic (left) and Christy Goldsby (right) of Honey Mama’s speak to our team at their Expo East 2022 booth.

One of their newest creations was even selected as a NEXTY finalist for “Best New Sweet Snack” at Expo East 2022.

This finalist is one of their only non-cocoa bars—the Birthday Cake Blonde Truffle Bar made with creamy cashews, vanilla extract, and, of course, rainbow coconut confetti for that celebratory birthday touch.

Angela closed out by saying that their bars are the “best thing you’ll put in your mouth all day”—and we don’t disagree.

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