Expo East 2022 Standout Brand: Death Wish Coffee


Death Wish Coffee: The World’s Strongest Cup of Joe

Death Wish Coffee at expo east 2022

After more than a decade of caffeinating the teeming masses without losing their sarcastic touch, Death Wish Coffee has no intention of relinquishing their “world’s strongest coffee” title anytime soon.

As they’ve racked up accolades inside and outside of the coffee industry—including a feature on Good Morning America and even a partnership with NASA to keep those astronauts spry—Death Wish has expanded their catalog of hard-hitting coffees to include more flavors and varieties.

Our experience at the booth was what you might expect after visiting the site and/or checking out their products; they weren’t shy about touting their coffee as the best game in town.

Speaking of, Death Wish Coffees are actually as gentle as they are strong, as they’re made with USDA organic, fair-trade certified beans and zero artificial preservatives.

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The Death Wish Coffee booth was certainly hard to miss.

And yes, Death Wish has a limited-time Pumpkin Chai Coffee, but if you’re not one to be swept away by the seasonal trend, they’ve always got a super strong medium or dark roast waiting to lift you off your you-know-what.

Other Death Wish mainstays include a small selection of cold brews, espresso roast coffee, chai, coffee cups in several varieties, and plenty of merch (shirts, mugs, etc.) bearing their skull-and-crossbones logo.

You won’t literally die, okay? You’ll just be able to have one cup instead of four now, and with the benefit of USDA organic, fair-trade beans to boot.

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