Natural Products Expo West Is Back and Booming!


After two years off from in-person events, Natural Products Expo West has returned to Anaheim, California in its full glory, drawing in thousands of brands, tens of thousands of attendees, and a definitively upbeat atmosphere.

This is the first major event hosted at the Anaheim Convention Center since the beginning of the pandemic, and as former attendees, we leapt at the chance to come back and have screenless interactions with as many big and small health and wellness brands as we could. 

Expo West Booths

Indeed, today (Thurs, Mar 10) was an excellent day for the convention as well as The Nutrition Insider team, as we scuttled through as many rows of vendors as we could, engaging with a number of top-tier brands, including:

Expo West Natural Delights

So far, we’re very pleased to have had the chance to connect with a wide variety of brands positioned across the health and wellness space, and we’ll be sure to invest into these relationships throughout the next year and beyond to bring our readers deeper insights into what’s really going on with these companies and their products. 

As for the event itself, attendance is estimated at around 70k-80k at this time, and the steady stream of smiling faces we’ve seen reflects the general sense of excitement to be connecting in person. 

The expo is scheduled to continue until the 12th of the month, and we fully intend to use as much of the remaining time as possible to continue connecting with brands and growing our presence as health and wellness industry insiders.

More meaningful relationships in this space means we can provide our audience with insider-level insights into the best (and not-so-best) brands and products in the industry, so we want to thank our loyal following for making this trip possible.

Here’s to many more years of successful events, live and in the flesh! 

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