The 7 Best Coconut Waters to Keep You Hydrated in 2024


As summer looms closer and closer (and sweatiness levels grow higher and higher), many people are in search of hydrating and refreshing drinks to quench their thirst and replenish lost electrolytes—and coconut water fits the bill.

But not all coconut water is created equal—some are loaded with sugar, while others don’t contain the real deal, making it difficult to pick out the best one from the grocery store shelf. 

We’ve got you covered with the top eight coconut water brands, including our top pick, Harmless Harvest Organic Coconut Water, plus flavored, pulpy, neutral-tasting, and caffeinated options.

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Harmless Harvest Organic Coconut Water
Best Budget
Vita Coco Coconut Water Organic
with Pulp
Harmless Harvest Coconut Water With Pulp
Product Harmless Harvest VitaCoco Harmless Harvest
Key Points Great taste; Transparent and ethical sourcing from young Nam Hom coconuts in Thailand; Innovative manufacturing process preserves nutrients; Commitment to sustainability; Fair-trade Certified. Affordable; Entire process from harvest to bottle takes 72 hours or less; Transparent about sourcing and manufacturing; Organic. Using the pulp helps reduce coconut wasteGreat taste; Transparent and ethical sourcing from young Nam Hom coconuts in Thailand; Innovative manufacturing process preserves nutrients; Commitment to sustainability; Fair-trade Certified.
Cost $4.00 for 12oz ($0.33/oz) 
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$27.49 for 12 bottles ($0.14/oz)
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$4.99 for 16oz ($0.32/oz)
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Best for: People looking for premium coconut water with the highest standards for quality and ethical practices. 

Harmless Harvest Organic Coconut Water is consistently at the top of people’s lists when it comes to favorite coconut water. 

With an antioxidant-rich pink hue and deliciously sweet nutty flavor, it’s no surprise that this product is well-loved. 

Harmless Harvest uses organic or regeneratively farmed Nam Hom coconuts from Thailand—a name that aptly translates to “fragrant ones.” 

The only downside is the price—at $4 per bottle, Harmless Harvest is two to three times more expensive than most other brands. 

However, they do have solid reasoning behind the price tag, including an impressive commitment to sustainability, ethical and fair trade coconut sourcing, and high-pressure processing that preserves antioxidants and nutrients. 

Best for: People on a budget who still want high-quality, organic coconut water. 

At just $0.14 per ounce, Vita Coco is the least expensive coconut water on this list—but they don’t skimp on quality.

Their coconuts are sourced from the Philippines and Brazil, and the picking, cracking, and packing occur right at the farm—not to mention, the entire tree-to-TetraPak process is done in less than 72 hours. 

However, one minor downside is that the ingredients don’t solely contain coconut water—they have a tiny bit of sugar added, at 1g per 8oz.

Their reasoning is that coconuts can vary widely in flavor profile (including sweetness), so the sugar (less than 1%) can standardize the flavor. 

Overall, Vita Coco is an excellent option for organic coconut water on a budget. 

Best for: People who like to chew their drinks (or just like a little bit of extra texture).

For those who like a little texture in their drinks, Harmless Harvest Coconut Water With Pulp is the one for you.

This beverage combines small, tender pieces of organic coconut meat with organic pink coconut water, providing a love-it-or-hate-it kind of texture. 

As with all Harmless Harvest products, this one is Certified Organic and Fair For Life Certified, ensuring the highest standards for ethical and transparent sourcing. 

This newly launched product also helps Harmless Harvest achieve their goal of becoming zero-coconut waste, as the pulp used here comes from the same Nam Hom Thai coconuts that the coconut water is sourced from.

Best for: People who want hydration without an overly coconutty flavor

C2O Original Coconut Water is the best option for people who want the benefits of coconut water—but don’t really love coconuts. 

Although this coconut water contains the water from young green Thai coconuts (which tend to be sweeter), many reviewers state that the flavor is more neutral and mild than most—which is a positive for some and a negative for others. 

However, there are a couple of downsides to this product—it’s not organic, and contains some added sugar (less than 1%), coming out to 2g per 8oz serving. 

Best for: People who want a flavored coconut water without added sugar; Those looking for a refreshing and hydrating organic drink. 

Unlike many flavored coconut water, the watermelon flavor in Harmless Harvest Coconut Water & Watermelon doesn’t come with added sugar.

Containing just organic coconut water, organic watermelon juice, and water, this is one of the cleanest flavored coconut waters you will find—and the combined fruits make for an even more refreshing beverage. 

However, although it does not have added sugar, each serving contains 18g of natural sugar from the coconut water and watermelon juice.

At $0.34 per ounce, this product is more expensive than most coconut waters—flavored or otherwise. 

Best for: People wanting a low-sugar, organic coconut water.  

With just 7g of natural sugar per cup, Real Coco Organic Pure Coconut Water is the lowest sugar option on this list—with no added sugar. 

Plus, at $0.14 per ounce, it’s also one of the most affordable. 

But it’s definitely not low quality, as Real Coco is Certified Organic and sustainable, with the coconut water being bottled where they are farmed—in remote coconut farms in Vietnam and Thailand. 

Best for: People wanting to hydrate and get an energy boost simultaneously. 

If you are needing to hydrate but also need a little caffeine boost, Once Upon a Coconut – Sparkling Coconut Water + Caffeine provides this unique combination. 

With 120mg of natural caffeine from green coffee beans and 25% of your daily needs for vitamin C—plus the natural electrolytes from coconut water—this product is more hydrating than a cup of coffee would be. 

Plus, this beverage is carbonated, which is rarely—if ever—seen with coconut water. 

However, this coconut water is very high in added sugar compared to the others, at 12g per 10.8oz serving. 

FAQs About Coconut Water

Is It Okay to Drink Coconut Water Every Day?

Yes, it’s okay to drink coconut water every day—especially products with no added sugar. 

However, you won’t only want to drink coconut water, as you can overdo it on minerals like potassium, and the natural sugar can add up. 

How Do I Choose Coconut Water?

The best coconut waters are organic, contain no added sugar, and are made of 100% coconut water. 

It’s also best if the coconuts are ethically sourced and state what region they come from. 

How do I choose coconut water?

Does Coconut Water Really Hydrate Better Than Water?

Coconut water is hydrating because it contains natural sugar and electrolytes, including potassium, magnesium, and sodium. 

But plain ol’ water is typically the most hydrating drink for the general population. 

However, coconut water can be useful for rehydration after lots of sweating or bouts of diarrhea or vomiting. 

Plus, coconut water is a healthier alternative to sports drinks—after all, that’s why it’s nicknamed “nature’s Gatorade.” 

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