Expo East 2022 Standout Brand: Ombre


Ombre: Customizable Probiotics

We simply cannot overstate the awesomeness of the highly active approach that Ombre is taking to determine the best probiotic products for their customers.

As Ombre Head of Science and Microbiome Specialist Kimberly Griffith explained to our team, Ombre offers gut wellness tests that provide a detailed readout on the condition of your gut’s bacterial makeup.

With this information, each customer can work with Ombre to determine the perfect combination of “clinically backed [probiotic] strains” for them. 

Speaking of, Ombre offers a variety of targeted probiotic (and prebiotic, by the way) products, such as their Metabolic Booster and Endless Energy supplements.

ombre products at expo east 2022

But if you’re lost in the jargon (gut microbiome, probiotic, etc.), let’s backpedal for a moment and cover the basics of the gut microbiome. 

As we explain in this beginner-friendly article on probiotics, the healthy human gut has roughly 100 trillion bacteria in it, both benevolent and not-so-benevolent – it is called a “microbiome” because of the insane density and variety of species within such a small space. 

When you take probiotics, you are supplementing your “good guy” bacteria population by directly adding/replacing these good bacteria, and when you take prebiotics, you are giving the benevolent bacteria what they like to eat.

Considering the number of bacteria homesteading in our stomachs and the many ways in which we can alter these populations (diet, lifestyle, environment, and more), having a brand like Ombre that actually customizes products according to real test results is a huge win.

Sure, it’s not the sexiest product on the surface, but there’s simply no arguing around the power of individualized, scientifically proven supplements versus overhyped catch-alls.

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