Expo West 2023 Standout Brand: Bonafide Provisions


The first inklings of what would become Bonafide Provisions began in 2006 when founder Sharon Brown learned about the traditional healing powers of broth to help her son, who was suffering from chronic sinus, ear, and respiratory infections. 

But this is no standard broth you’ll find in cans on the grocery store shelf—Bonafide Provisions is all high-quality bone broth made from Certified Organic animal bones and vegetables. 

Bonafide Provisions is one of the only bone broths you’ll find in the freezer, as freezing right after they make the broth in small batches helps retain the broth’s nutrients.

bonafide provisions at expo west 2023

At their booth at Expo West, we learned more about the new line of shelf-stable cooking broths—we were even challenged to a taste test with “the other guys”—and we have no doubt that Bonafide has the cleanest-ingredient, best-tasting cooking broths out there.

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