The War On Food Waste Is Here: Meet The Farmlink Project

The Farmlink Project, an altruistic organization founded by college students, is combating food waste on a grand scale. We spoke with co-founder Aidan Reilly to learn more.

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Primal Kitchen Review: Is It Really Healthy?

In our Primal Kitchen review, we graded their better-for-you condiments, dressings, and supplements based on taste, ingredient quality, and more.

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Qualia Senolytic Review: Can It Really Combat Cellular Aging?

This groundbreaking, twice-a-month regimen targets aging at the cellular level, but does it work?

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Is Drinking Water While Eating Bad?

To question something so well-ingrained into centuries-old mealtime norms may seem foolish at first, but modern science grants free passes to no one.

Is Drinking Water While Eating

Onnit Alpha Brain Review

Our editorial team reviewed Alpha Brain, a nootropic supplement from Onnit, for ingredient quality, research-supported benefits, side effects, and more.

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Weight Management Tips for Sedentary Workers

Weight Management Tips for Sedentary Workers

Whether you’ve been shoved into a sedentary lifestyle by the pandemic or if you’re a veteran desk rider like us, you may have noticed a few unwelcome changes in your physique after making the transition to a sedentary job and/or lifestyle.
Natural Vasodilators for Athletes

Natural Vasodilators for Athletes

Thanks to our deep fondness for oversimplified interpretations, most of us (we’re not exempting ourselves) have held the belief at one point or another that our arteries and veins are static, rigid tunnels.
Second Thoughts On Six-Pack Abs

Second Thoughts On Six-Pack Abs

Just a few centuries ago, wealthy aristocrats would have chuckled wryly over the rims of their fancy goblets at the thought of six-pack abs, which were considered a mark of the peasantry.
  • Vegetable Oil? Really?

    Believe it or not, the virtually all-present oils we’re used to seeing on food labels (think soybean, safflower, and canola) are actually not so great for you. Here’s why.

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