Expo West 2023 Standout Brand: ROWDY


Taking advantage of a high-fiber, natural sugar alternative called yacon root to stand in for sugar, Rowdy Bars offer a low-glycemic prebiotic bar that does what others can’t.

Rowdy founder Kellie Lee, who was motivated by lived experience (digestive/metabolic issues) to create a nutritionally balanced prebiotic bar, likened the yacon root to an apple or watermelon.

Also rich in protein, the inulin (an indigestible fiber) in the yacon root acts as a prebiotic, feeding those billions of bacteria that make up your intestinal microbiome for improved digestion and much more. 

Rowdy Bars booth at expo west 2023

Each Rowdy Bar is loaded with clean ingredients like chicory root fiber, grass-fed bovine collagen, almond butter, and more, and they contribute plenty of fiber (around 8g) and protein (around 13g) alongside the prebiotic content.

Thanks for the spiel, Rowdy crew—and the bars!

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