Expo East 2022 Standout Brand: Wishgarden Herbs


Wishgarden Herbs: An Entire Nursery of Herbal Extracts

For over 40 years, Wishgarden Herbs has been harnessing the power of plants to produce a broad variety of herbally-infused liquid wellness extracts.

Despite their evidence-based and science-forward formulations, Wishgarden’s extracts are anything but stuffy, with playful names like the Kick-A** Immune Activator, Hoarse Whisperer Throat Spray, and Genius Juice For Focus.

“Head of Hype” Jamie McKeown explained to us how each liquid extract uses a carefully formulated blend of ingredients to enhance immunity, gut health, energy level, and other key components of wellness.

wishgarden herbs at expo east 2022
Jamie McKeown knows her herbs—and dishes all the dirt on them to us.

At Expo East, we got to try the Kick-A** Immune Activator and Liquid Bliss for Peace Tranquility, which were both much-needed to support our dwindling immune and nervous systems after several cross-country flights and long days of travel. 

At Wishgarden Herbs, their roots run deep—herbalist and activist Catherine Hunziker started the company in 1979, and it’s still family-run and woman-owned to this day.

wishgarden herbs samples at expo east 2022

Each wellness extract is carefully formulated with top-notch herbs and plant-based ingredients for optimal efficacy—for example, the Digestive Rescue contains fennel seed, catnip, peppermint leaf, ginger root, Rocky Mountain artesian spring water, vegetable glycerine, organic gluten-free alcohol, and apple cider vinegar.

And although the extracts are made with alcohol, they aren’t alcoholic—they are safe for kids and contain less alcohol by volume than a ripe banana.

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