Expo East 2022 Standout Brand: Nuun


Nuun: Effervescent Hydration Tablets

A visible wave of jitters and flushed-face claims of camera shyness immediately gave way to a very well-worded elevator pitch by Nuun Regional Manager Katie Flad as soon as we said “go,” so take a breath, Katie, ya done good! 

As Katie explained, Nuun is an effervescent electrolyte tablet that—thanks to a growing product catalog—has several applications beyond general hydration covered.

“We have a sport line, we have vitamins, we have immunity and energy, we have something for everybody.”

They aren’t just talking about one or two flavors and varieties of each, either; the Nuun catalog is well flushed out in each of these categories.

nuun at expo east 2022
Nuun’s Hydration Station at their Expo East 2022 Booth

Another layer of versatility that Nuun brings to the table is their three-tiered hydration scale (electrolyte levels 1, 2, and 3) that they integrate within the aforementioned categories.

For example, the sport tablets are set at electrolyte level 2, which is aptly dubbed the “sport hydration” level by Nuun.

We have a sport line, we have vitamins, we have immunity and energy, we have something for everybody.

Katie Flad, Regional Manager at Nuun

If you’re not powerlifting and/or killing the cardio every day, the Nuun Daily Hydration selection is set at level 1 (what they call “wellness hydration”). 

This distinction is hugely important for consumer convenience, education, and safety because many people ignore the fact that your electrolyte balance can be thrown off in either direction, not just in the case of deficiency (excessive/imbalanced electrolyte consumption can promote hypernatremia, hyperkalemia, etc. They’re no fun). 

And even though we just informally gave Liquid IV the mantle in terms of the most convenient/portable hydration product, Nuun’s discrete ten-count tubes of hydration tablets just may have usurped it!

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