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4 Gauge: Load Up Your Guns With This Jitter-Free Pre-workout

If you’ve ever downed a pre-workout drink before heading to the gym, you know that common ones on the market tend to cause jitters and itchiness due to high amounts of caffeine and beta-alanine, respectively. 

4 Gauge rectifies these issues by adding a relatively-moderate amount of caffeine—150mg per serving, or the amount found in a double shot of espresso—plus several other high-quality ingredients that help you both during and after your workout.

It tastes great, but more than that, it feels great when you drink it—it’s got everything you need to get a good workout.

Connor Southworth, Chief Fitness Officer at 4 Gauge

A smart pairing found in 4 Gauge is caffeine plus L-theanine—an amino acid found in green tea—that actually changes your brain waves to create calm and focused energy without the jitters. 

Plus, 4 Gauge incorporates Rhodiola rosea—a cognitive-supporting adaptogenic herb—and the muscle builder’s best friend, creatine monohydrate, which also increases hydration and reduces fatigue.     

We’d be remiss if we didn’t briefly mention the other ingredients in 4 Gauge that were designed from clinical research to energize, build muscle, and aid in post-exercise recovery, including beetroot extract, L-citrulline, coconut water powder, and acetyl-L-carnitine. 

4 gauge at expo east 2022
Connor Southworth gave us the scoop on 4 Gauge’s adaptogen-loaded pre-workout.

As CFO—that’s Chief Fitness Officer, not financial—Connor Southworth tells us, 4 Gauge “tastes great, but more than that, it feels great when you drink it—it’s got everything you need to get a good workout.” 

And what you need is three things: balanced energy, vasodilation to improve blood flow, and nutrient support for better post-exercise recovery—all wrapped up in hyper-masculine packaging with plenty of gun puns (both the firearm and the bicep varieties).

P.S. They’ve also got a “4 Women” line with clinically-researched doses for females looking to improve their gym performance (but don’t worry, it’s not pink).

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