Expo West 2023 Standout Brand: Ritual Zero Proof


Eager to see if they’ve concocted any new NA spirits since our last encounter at Expo East, we were happy to sip samples while Ritual Zero Proof Retail Marketing Manager Bri Makaric filled us in.

Indeed, an aperitif is on the way, Bri informed us, to go alongside the rum, smoky tequilagin, and other alternatives offered by the innovative NA spirit brand.

Ritual Zero Proof booth at expo west 2023

Besides nixing the alcohol, Ritual also trounces your average libation in the calorie department, as their spirits have very few or even no calories and non-GMO ingredients.

And while credit is due to the on-site bartenders for the quality of our particular samples (a very tasty, spicy margarita), we vouch for the delicious tequila at the heart of the recipe.

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