Expo East 2022 Standout Brand: Xlear


Xlear: Clearing the Way for Healthy Breathing

xlear at expo east 2022

Xlear has been a leading manufacturer of products based around xylitol since 2000, when people first started learning about the benefits of this natural sugar alcohol. 

Lois Mizdal, the Vice President of Sales of Xlear, extolled to us the benefits of xylitol—and informed us how to say their brand name correctly (Psst, it’s pronounced “Clear,” so you don’t have to make the same mistake we did).

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According to Lois, nasal hygiene is just as crucial to our health as washing our hands—if not more.

As we breathe in about 22,000 times a day, it makes sense that we’d want to “wash our noses” as much as we wash our hands.

Products like the Original Xylitol Nasal Spray can help block viral and bacterial adhesion during these tens of thousands of breaths we take through our noses (sorry, mouth breathers, we’ve got nothing for you here).

Some other notable products we checked out at the Xlear booth were the oral care product line known as Spry—your dentist (and anyone close enough to smell your breath) will thank you for using these xylitol-based gums, mints, toothpaste, and mouth rinses.

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