Expo East 2022 Standout Brand: RIND Snacks


RIND Snacks: Dried Fruit, Peel and All

Rind Snacks at expo east

Honoring true whole-food philosophy in an authentic way is Rind, who offers the playful slogan “Keep It Real, Eat the Peel” as a way of promoting their vision of sustainability and nutritious snacking.

To avoid any confusion, the slogan is not some sort of awkward analogy: Rind has actually turned the “throwaway” components of fresh fruite.g., the peel and the rindinto healthy snacks!

And sure enough, as soon as we tore open that bag of Rind snacks at their Expo East booth, there was zero mystery as to what they meant—the “anatomy” of the dried fruit, including the peel, is very much visible in every bite.

Of course, you aren’t exclusively eating peels and rinds (plenty of the fruit flesh survives the cut, as it were), and Rind has made the wise move to supply both a selection of chewy and crunchy fruit snacks.

Included in their many flavors are Apple Chips, Orange Chips, Kiwi Chips, Island Fruit, “Straw-Peary,” “Coco-Melon,” and many more.

rind snacks at expo east 2022

It may sound crazy at first, but peels and rinds are very much loaded with nutrients, antioxidants, and by a large margin, more fiber than the fleshy part of the fruit.

And if the nothing-added, whole fruit motif doesn’t give you feel-good vibes, it doesn’t get much more wholesome than the Rind backstory, as the whole operation is essentially an homage to the forward-thinking great-grandmother of the Rind founder and her 1920s-era natural foods store. 

There certainly was a lot of chewing, but if you’re up for it, Rind’s tasty snacks are about as clean and nutritious as a “chip” can get.

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