Expo East 2022 Standout Brand: Biolyte


Biolyte: Highly Potent, IV-Like Drinks

Somehow, Biolyte has made the prospect of an IV drip seem fun and easy.

Of course, they weren’t jabbing anybody at the expo, but rather, touting their physician-formulated hydration drinks made to mimic the potency and electrolyte profile of an actual IV drip, which pack quite a punch in the electrolytes department.

If you haven’t caught the gist yet, these NSF-certified hydration bombs aren’t for the casually thirsty; think of them as more of a life raft for a nutritionally depleted body.

You’d have to drink six of the leading sports drinks to equal what’s in this one bottle.

Brian Grudzinskas, Key Accounts Manager at Biolyte

“You’d have to drink six of the leading sports drinks to equal what’s in this one bottle,” explained Biolyte Key Accounts Manager Brian Grudzinskas to our team as he brandished a few of their colorfully labeled hydration drinks.

Much more than just salt and sugar (which, make no mistake, are both important to hydration and tissue recovery) Biolyte also contains liver-cleansing milk thistle, L-carnitine, ginger root extract, and plenty of vitamin B, among other savvy additions.

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“Whether you’ve overdone it the night before or have had a huge workout the day of, this will get you hydrated,” Brian added, to which we would add that they’ve got a strong case for muscle soreness recovery and stress management as well.

You definitely won’t want to be kicking back multiple bottles (or even one) of Biolyte a day if you aren’t really “slaying” workouts, as the kids say, but for those who do put their bodies to the test, we can’t deny that Biolyte is bringing far more to the table nutritionally than the vast majority of drinks we’ve seen.

And hey, they were pretty good!

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